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Try Playing These Unique Games at Your Next Wedding Shower

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Coming up with unique ideas for bridal shower games is not an easy task! Some of the best games involve what each person knows about the other as they are great break-the-ice and conversation starters. There are also some excellent games in Best Bridal Shower Games - your guests will love the fun activities and themes you can find in this guide!

Here are some popular and unique bridal shower games that everyone at the party will enjoy.

  1. How Well Does the Bride Know the Groom? Before the shower, ask the groom 15-20 questions about himself. Include questions from the present and from his childhood. Each guest will have the list of questions and will mark whether or not they think she will get it right. Some questions to ask include, "What was his first college roommate's name?" and "When did he have his first kiss?" and so on. Whoever get the most questions correct walks away with the prize.
  2. How Well do You Know the Bride? Compile a list of questions before the wedding shower relating to the bride. Provide paper and pens to the guests and ask them questions such as how old she is, what her mother's name is and what high school she attended. Throw in some wedding-related questions such as what her colors are or who the groomsmen will be. This is a great conversation starter as you will all be amazed at what some people know and don't know about the bride-to-be!
  3. What Would Your Mate Say? This is a good game for couples showers, which are growing in popularity. One person from each couple leaves the room while the other is questioned on some subjects, often risqué. The one in the room is supposed to answer the question the same way they believe their other half would respond. Then when the spouse/mate returns to the room, they answer the same questions. The couple with the most points wins the prize! This is definitely one of the most fun bridal shower games for a couples shower.
  4. Purse Power. Have each guest hold their purse in front of them, or switch purses around for a twist! This game can be played individually or on teams. Have a list beforehand of things that can be found in a woman's purse. Include points for each item, with the most common items having lower points. Assign higher points for uncommon articles, such as tea bags or condoms! The person with the most points wins.
  5. Wedding Necessities. Develop a list of wedding necessities such as champagne bottles, candles, corsages, bouquets and so on. Split the party into teams and provide each team with 2-3 small sized containers of Play-Doh. Give each team a wedding item to shape from Play-Doh, allowing only 1-2 minutes for sculpting their masterpiece. You will end up with a wide array of very colorful, silly looking objects! The bride picks the winning creation.
  6. What's in the Bag? Someone, aside from the bride, is chosen to walk around the room with a bag full of objects. Each guest gets 20-30 seconds to try to memorize the contents of the bag. The person carrying the bag then leaves the room. Then the guests are told to write down as many things that they can remember about the person holding the bag. Since their attention was on the bag, remembering what the presenter looked like was the last thing on their minds! Have the guests write down things such as what she was wearing and the color of her hair. You will get everything from different hair colors to what they were actually wearing. The person with the most accurate description wins the game. In case of a tie, you can make the top two tell everyone what was in that bag!
  7. Toilet Paper Bride. This is a popular and inexpensive game. All you need are willing participants and several rolls of toilet paper. Break up into teams and each team selects one person to be the bride. The rest of the team uses the toilet paper to form a wedding dress and veil on the bride. Get creative and make jewelry and other necessities, perhaps even a toilet paper bouquet. When everyone is done decorating their brides, line them up and have the bride-to-be pick her favorite.
  8. Bridal Bingo. Make bingo cards with five rows and five columns. Write in bridal shower gifts and hand the cards out to the guests. When the bride opens a gift, the guests mark it off. The first one to get five in a row shouts 'Bingo!' for the prize.
  9. Clothespin. Think of a wedding word such as 'bride,' 'groom' or 'dress.' Give each guest a clothespin and let them know the word. If one guest hears another guest say the word, she can take her clothespin away. Whoever has the most clothespins at the end of the party wins! You can also use other small objects with the same game idea.
  10. Where to buy games? You can also purchase pre-made bridal shower games to play at local party stores or at online shops such as 4Showers.Com or BridalShowerGamesAtoZ.

So, if you have to plan a bridal shower, have no fear! Try using some of these bridal shower game ideas to help you. Some good items for prizes are gourmet coffee beans, bottles of wine, bath salts, address books and soaps.


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