How To Plan Baby Shower Games

When you host a party, you have a lot to do. In addition to sending invitations, decorating the location and planning for refreshments, you must provide some type of entertainment. If the party is a baby shower, it is common to play a few silly games. Here are a few to consider:

  1. Shhh Game: As each guest arrives, give them an inexpensive necklace to wear (party supply stores sell a nice assortment). Instruct all guests to try not to use the word "baby." If a guest overhears another person saying "baby," they get to take her necklace. The person with the most necklaces at the end of the party wins.
  2. Alphabet Baby Names: Give each guest a sheet of paper with the letters of the alphabet in list form. Instruct the guests to write down a baby name that begins with each letter. The first one to complete her list wins.
  3. Baby Picture Game: Ask guests to provide you with baby pictures of themselves in advance of the party. Place each picture on a numbered board to display at the shower. Ask each guest to guess the identity of each baby--the person with the most correct guesses wins. It may be helpful to have your guests wear name tags if there are people in attendance who do not know each other.
  4. Memory Game: Fill a box with assorted baby items, such as a diaper, rattle, little socks, teething ring, bottle, pacifier, small toys, etc. Show all of the guests the contents of the box and then close it up. Ask your partygoers to make a list of all the items. The one who remembered the most items wins.
  5. Growing Belly Game: Pass around large rolls of ribbon and ask each guest to cut a piece that they think would fit around the belly of the mother-to-be and mark the ribbon with her name. Pass all the ribbons to the prospective mom to try--the guest who guessed the closest wins.
  6. Guessing Game: Fill a large jar with small candies and have each guest write down their best guess as to how many pieces the jar contains. The person coming the closest wins the candy.
  7. Lucky Plate: This one is really simple. Draw a smiling face on the bottom of one dessert plate. After the refreshments have been served, ask each guest to look under their plates. The one with the smiling face wins.
  8. What's for Lunch? Game: Buy a dozen assorted jars of baby food and using a permanent marker, number the top of each jar 1-12. Make a list of the contents of each numbered jar, then remove and discard the labels. Pass the jars around and ask guests to guess the contents of the jars without opening them. The person with the most correct guesses wins.

In addition to traditional games, it can be nice to use the baby shower as an opportunity to create a nice keepsake for the baby. Buy a good quality blank book and pass it around the room, asking each guest to write a message to the new baby or a bit of advice for the new parents.


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