How To Attract Men: Dating Advice for Women

Learn the Secrets to Attracting Guys

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Just suppose you're a single woman going about your business, whether it's at a school or church function, a visit to the local gym, or maybe a gathering of friends at a local pub, and you happen to see a man who looks interesting and attractive to you. You start becoming curious about him in a romantic way and wonder if he could possibly be interested in you for dating, romance, and more.

But what can you do?

First of all, you'll need to get this man's attention and hopefully engage in some sort of light conversation. If talking with this guy sparks his interest (and you are sure that he's not already involved with another woman!), then he may ask to contact you again. Things between the two of you can progress from there, but the important thing to realize is that all romances start with you being an attractive woman in some way in the eyes of an interested man. 

So what is it exactly that makes a woman attractive to men? 

I've found that there are six main facets of a woman that attract men. You can lead with any of these facets, but make sure that you have a chance to reveal as many of these as you can. Remember that you sometimes get only one chance at making that first impression of attraction and many men unfortunately have only short attention spans.

To attract attractive men, be sure that you reveal your best in the following areas:

  1. Physical Assets. Highlight your beautiful smile, eyes, skin, hair, and figure. Have a great-sounding voice with changing pitch, appropriate volume, variable speeds, and appealing tone. Make sure you're graceful, feminine, and fluid in you body movements, facial expressions, hand gestures, and in the manner in which you walk. Also, if you're a great dancer, dance. But if you're not, please stay off the dance floor - except for the slow ones.
  2. Social Game. Equally as powerful as what you have in terms of physical assets is the level of social game that you've developed. Social game means your ability to hold a man's attention with your self-confidence, sexiness, playfulness, street-smarts, creativeness, dexterity, and awareness. People who possess a lot of social game excel at small talk and have a natural well-integrated set of effective people skills for getting along well with others.
  3. Heart. You can impress other people with your enthusiasm, sweetness, kindness, warmth, sincerity, generosity, sensitivity, cheerfulness, and passion. The trick here is to be as much of the positive and as little of the negative (criticize, condemn, complain, envy, jealousy).
  4. Character. Have the strength to do the right thing rather than what's simply easy or convenient. Your character may not attract a man romantically at first, but it raises his respect for you, which is an important long-term ingredient in any relationship. When the time comes, be sure to give people a glimpse of your courage, honesty, determination, responsibility, and wisdom.
  5. A Class Act. You can distinguish yourself from your competition by demonstrating a more refined sense of lifestyle, good tastes, and appropriate social behavior. Often, the difference between two women competing for the attention of an attractive man comes down to the overlooked, but important, things like class.
  6. A Great Fit. For a full-time love partnership, it's important to have shared interests, values, passions, and dreams. A great fit is evidenced in the natural balance between talking and listening. Two people who fit well together often have the same sense of humor and seem to have an uncanny way of bringing out the best in each other.

The bottom line
This dating advice should help you learn how to attract men. The complete package will attract the widest choice of love prospects. Don't be weak in any area of importance. Demonstrate or develop your strengths in your physical assets, social game, passion and heart, character, class, and fit.


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