How To Buy Baby Shower Supplies

Hosting a large party such as a baby shower requires quite a bit of planning. Guest lists, invitations, refreshments, games, decor and favors--there are many details that must come together in order for the party to be successful. When budget is an issue (and isn't it always?!), having a well-thought out plan will make it easier to buy all the necessary supplies.

    1. Determine your budget first. Be realistic about what you can afford and find ways to cut corners, if necessary, so that you can stay within your planned amount.
    2. Make lists--lots of lists. You will need to be organized!
    3. You will be able to save a considerable amount of money by comparison shopping. Try craft supply stores for materials to create party favors, discount stores for paper goods and party supply stores for decorations and game supplies. You may also be able to find a nice selection of invitations and thank-you cards at the party supply store. If you have a large guest list, consider purchasing paper plates, napkins and plastic flatware in bulk.
    4. Don't be shy. Feel free to talk to store managers and request a discount when purchasing a large quantity of items. The worst that can happen is that they refuse.
    5. When selecting invitations, consider purchasing coordinating thank-you cards.
    6. Plan the menu. If you will be preparing the food yourself, you will need serving platters, bowls and serving utensils as well. If you are catering the event, these items are typically provided.
    7. Decide on a color scheme and then choose matching paper plates, napkins, disposable cups and plastic flatware.
    8. Decorations help to set a party mood. It is important to provide a festive environment, but be realistic about both your time and financial limitations. Try choosing party favors that will enhance the decor.
    9. Party favors are the norm at baby showers. There are a number of wonderful homemade choices if you are creative, but it is always acceptable to purchase pre-made favors or small vases of fresh flowers for your guests.
    10. If you will be playing baby shower games (and you know that you will!), you will be able to find a nice variety at the party supply store.
    11. Buy some fun prizes. Games are more fun when there are prizes involved, so be on the lookout for sales on possible prize items. If you will be playing a lot of games, choose small prizes. If you plan on only a few games, consider making the awards a bit more substantial.
    12. One last thing for the mom-to-be. Purchase an inexpensive notebook to record the gifts as they are opened. This will make it much easier for the new parents when they are filling out their thank-you cards.


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