How To Prepare Food For a Baby Shower

Dress shaped cookies

Planning a baby shower? One of the most important tasks you'll have will be preparing the food. Frequently, shower guests travel quite a bit to attend the event and arrive hungry. Offering delicious refreshments will help your guests to feel welcomed and appreciated. Here are a few tips:

  1. Once you have tallied up all of the RSVP's and know the number of guests that you are expecting, plan to make enough food for that number plus ten percent. By providing extra, you will be able to easily accommodate a few unexpected arrivals as well as those with hearty appetites!
  2. Consult the mom-to-be on her personal preferences and dietary limitations. If she's experiencing any cravings, be sure to include those in your menu!
  3. Consider your colors and theme. If your party room is decorated in pink ribbons and bows, think about serving a bubbly strawberry punch. If a boy is on the way, try blueberry smoothies. Baby showers are one of the few occasions when top to bottom pink or blue is considered to be a terrific idea!
  4. Variety is the spice of life--and of your party. Be sure that you offer foods and beverages that will appeal to many different guests. Serve a main course dish with meat and one that is vegetarian-friendly. Offer some indulgent sweet treats, to be sure, but also a veggie tray and fruit platter for diet-conscious guests.
  5. Serve "baby" versions of foods. Small, even bite-sized finger foods are popular and work especially well for a baby shower. "Baby" quiches, muffins and pastries are terrific shower foods. You can even make "baby" cream puff shells and fill them with tuna, chicken or crab salad for an easy, but delicious lunch. Sweetened "baby" cream puff shells can be filled with pudding or custard and sprinkled with powdered sugar and a touch of pink or blue colored sugars.
  6. Choose foods that transport well if the party is being held at a rental hall. Lasagna, both regular or vegetable, pasta or potato salad, small sandwiches and vegetables for dipping all work well.
  7. Have a little fun. Serve pickles in a well washed ice cream container and give your guests a chuckle!
  8. Offer a few beverage choices. In addition to the pink or blue punch, offer coffee, bottled water and both regular and diet versions of soft drinks. Be sure that you have at least one soda choice that is both sugar- and caffeine-free.
  9. Everybody loves dessert! Baby showers are frequently all-female occasions, so don't skimp on the sweets! Bake cookies in fun baby-friendly shapes such as booties, bottles or baby faces. Cupcakes are always popular, and are easily decorated to match your colors and theme. Party supply stores sell a nice variety of small, plastic decorations for cupcakes. Consider decorative pacifiers, rubber ducks or teddy bears. Some bakeries and large grocers offer candy decors in pink or blue. Candy decors are found in grocery stores alongside the commercially prepared tubs of frosting and tubes of icing used for writing on cakes and cookies. They are small, edible decorative accents made from sugar and designed to add a professional touch to homemade bakery items. You could also top each cupcake with a flag pick (available at party supply stores) that say "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!"


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