Ideas for Bat Mitzvah Themes: Invitations, Gifts and Favors

Use These Birthday Party Planning Tips for this Jewish Tradition

Your child's Bat Mitzvah is not only a big day in her life, but also a big day in your life as her parent. It is a celebration of her entrance into Jewish adulthood and most likely from your child's standpoint, an excuse to throw a big birthday party. Make sure that your child has a say in all things related to her big day. Here are some tips of choosing a theme.

  1. Be creative. Originality is something not to overlook in planning Bat Mitzvahs. There are simple themes that your child may want to do--sports, board games or the beach--but her party can be a chance to truly let her personality shine. If she loves soccer, come up with a creative sports-related slogan to go along with the theme. If she loves dance, perhaps feature her in a spotlight routine or instead of giving out t-shirts, give out sandals with a fun saying on them for the kids.
  2. Be reasonable. Sometimes the idea is better in theory than it is in execution. What may be an amazing birthday party idea may not translate as a good theme because of budget or time constraints. Make sure that whatever theme you decide on, you follow through on.
  3. Think about ALL aspects of the theme. If your child wants a sports theme, carrying it out will be simple enough, however if she wants something less common, make sure that you will be able to not only decorate according to the theme, but that you are able to provide Bat Mitzvah party favors for the children that correspond as well. You can buy these or if you enjoy crafts, you and your daughter can make her favors together. In addition to favors, you should also consider what you want the invitations to look like. You should try and incorporate the theme of the party into the invitations. This will help guests better understand what your daughter likes and may even be the motivation behind some of her gifts.
  4. Listen to your child. Don't forget that above all else, your child's Bat Mitzvah is her day to shine, not yours. Make sure that she is comfortable with the theme and that it is something that is going to make her special day memorable. If she is adamant about having cool t-shirts, try to stick with a theme that would lend itself to creating such a shirt. If she wants awesome decorations, pick a theme that will be visually spectacular.
  5. Go over theme ideas together. Have a brainstorming session where the two of you or the entire family can come up with Bat Mitzvah themes. Here is a list of standard birthday party themes that might spark conversation between you and your daughter:
    • At the beach (tables could have centerpieces related to different beach icons, i.e., starfish, beach umbrella or sandcastle)
    • A specific decade (the 60s, the 70s or the 80s)
    • The Mall (each table could be a store name)
    • Sports (softball, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, gymnastics or basketball)
    • Around the world (each table could be a different country)
    • At the movies (featuring your child's favorite films)
    • Television (featuring your child's favorite TV shows)
    • Hollywood/Celebrities (with your child as the star of the event)
    • Board games (each table could be a part of a giant board game centering around your child)
    • Rock and Roll (featuring different instruments at each table and/or different bands)
    • Summer camp (featuring different activities at each table)
    • In outer space/Out of this world (alien centerpieces or each table as a different planet)

These are just some birthday party planning suggestions and ideas to get you started. Have fun picking out the theme for your daughter's big day!


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