How To Buy Wedding Reception Decorations

Wedding reception tables and chairs

After the wedding is out of the way, it's time to party! The reception is where you can let loose and have a good time. Nevertheless, proper planning is necessary to ensure that reception decorations reflect the feel of the wedding, which of course should reflect your personal style. Here are some considerations when choosing wedding reception decorations.

  1. Set a budget. Your reception will likely be more expensive than the wedding, so make sure to set enough aside for it. Keep in mind the costs for food and entertainment while choosing decorations.
  2. Location is a huge consideration. Will the reception be indoor or outdoor? Plain reception halls may require some serious decorating, whereas charming lodges or outdoor locations may be naturally captivating and may not need detailed decorations.
  3. Season and time of wedding. If you are having a summer wedding, you obviously don't want winter-style decorations and vice versa. Time of day is also an important factor. Daytime weddings tend to be more casual, whereas evening weddings may be more elegant.
  4. Style. What is the style of the wedding and of the couple? Is it a small and casual wedding or a 500-guest, elaborate wedding with all the bells and whistles? Make sure the reception mirrors the feeling of the wedding.
  5. Colors. The wedding colors should be incorporated into the decorations to some degree. Some brides enjoy filling the whole event with purple pastel to match the bridesmaid dresses, for example, while others like to add splashes of alternate color in centerpiece bouquets. Any approach is acceptable as long as the colors of reception decorations are consistent and in harmony.
  6. Table settings. You may not think about it, but settings make a huge impact on the look of the reception. Most locations or caterers have a wide selection from which to choose. Selections may range from sturdy plastic glasses to crystal champagne flutes. If your location or caterer does not carry the style you want, another option is to contact a rental company.
  7. Centerpiece. You can't go wrong with flowers or candlelight centerpieces. Flowers are often far more expensive than candlelight, but some locations either won't allow lit candles due to fire hazard, or have strict restrictions that may not accommodate your vision. Make sure you discuss options with the management of your venue before making your plans.
  8. Favors. Consider incorporating favors into the décor. This can be in the form of placing favors on the guest plates or as part of the centerpiece. Be creative incorporating your own style, values and aesthetic into the favors. You could select favors that celebrate your cultural heritage, represent important aspects of you and your spouse. Some fun ideas include tree seedlings arranged together as a centerpiece that the guests take with them, or candies wrapped up in special packaging on the guest place settings.
  9. Cake. Not just for eating, it's also a key decoration for the reception! As with all other decorations, the cake should resemble the feel of the rest of the wedding. There are so many exciting and unique styles of cakes, you're bound to find one that matches your wedding.
  10. Other considerations. Don't forget these extras when planning your event:
    • Guestbook.
    • Gift table decorations.
    • Buffet table decorations.
  11. Where to buy? You can get most of your decorations at local stores. Get suggestions from your caterer or reception hall regarding good wedding decoration stores in your area, including craft stores. They may also be able to provide you with catalogs targeting wedding receptions. You can also shop on the Internet to get a wide range of ideas and to purchase items in bulk.

  12. Minimizing costs. Purchasing favors in bulk often helps to minimize the cost. As for additional décor, consider renting items; renting enables you to add touches of glamour to the event without adding a hefty cost to items that you may never use again. You can also make some of your own decorations if you have a creative side. Hobby and craft stores often hold workshops to show you how to assemble decorations. On top of that, they have books and magazines for you to review.


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