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Check out These Fun Family Reunion Activities for All Ages

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Family reunions are wonderful opportunities for relatives to talk about old times, catch up on each other's lives and have a little fun together. If you are planning a reunion, there are a number of party games that might be fun to try:

Active games: If you're looking for active outdoor games, try some of these (some of them can be played indoors as well):

  1. Sack Races: Purchase a supply of large burlap sacks (available at party supply stores) and have participants stand in the sacks, holding them up with both hands. Line the racers up next to one another and instruct them to hop to a specified finish line. You can either have separate races for children and adults or you can let the kids start several feet ahead of the grownups.
  2. Egg Toss: Ask family members to choose a partner and pass out one raw egg to each duo. Have everyone form two lines, with partners facing one another. One at a time, each person gently tosses an egg to their partner. If the egg breaks, that duo is disqualified. Once everyone has tossed once, the partners move a little farther apart and another round ensues. Continue in this manner until one victorious duo remains!

    Note: This game also works with water balloons!

  3. Tug of War: Using spray paint, paint a line several feet long on the grass. Divide the group into two teams, equally matched in strength. Have the teams stand on opposite sides of the line and all hold on to ends of a long, sturdy rope. As the game ensues, teams try to pull the members of the opposing team over the painted line.
  4. Three-Legged Race: Ask family members to choose a partner and provide each duo with a piece of twine. Participants are then instructed to tie one of their legs to one of their partner's legs. The first team to hop in unison across the finish line will be declared the winners.
  5. Scavenger Hunt: Divide participants into evenlyfamily reunion games matched teams of 2-4 people and provide each with a bag and a list of everyday items. Teams are instructed to seek out all items on their list. The first to return with their items will get the bragging rights.
  6. Musical Chairs: A traditional children's game, musical chairs is fun for kids of all ages. Take a head count of players and line up chairs, each facing the opposite direction, in a quantity one fewer than the number of players. Instruct participants that when music is playing, they are to walk quickly around the chairs. When they hear the music stop, they are to find a chair to sit on. Since there is one fewer chair, whomever cannot find a seat will be disqualified. After each round, one more chair is removed until there is only one chair and two players remaining. That last round will determine the final winner.

Sedentary games: If the party goes into the evening and people are looking for something a bit more laid back, try some of these activities: 

  1. Family Trivia: Pass out a sheet of questions about family members and family history and a pencil to each participant. The person who is able to correctly answer the most questions will be declared the winner.
  2. Match 'em Up: This is a terrific way to get people talking and to get to know a lot about other people. Give each player a pencil and a sheet of paper listing many different traits or facts. Participants are then instructed to find someone who matches each trait. The first person to complete their list wins. Suggested traits include curly hair, retired, only child, has a tattoo, a twin, been in the military, never been married, green eyes, etc.
  3. Who's That Baby: Ask family members in advance to mail you a baby picture of themselves. Post the pictures on a numbered board, without identifying them. Ask attendees to make a numbered list and try to identify each baby.
  4. BINGO: Purchase BINGO cards, balls and markers at a party supply store and designate one person to be the caller. Offer small prizes for each game of BINGO.

All of these activities are great for a reunion or any party. The games will help bring people together--even if it's been years since they've seen each other. Good luck planning your family reunion!


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