How To Buy a Graduation Cake

Graduations are wonderful causes for celebration. Whether from junior high, high school, or college, graduation marks academic advancement and deserves recognition. Graduation parties are fun events for family and friends. If you are planning a graduation celebration, one of your tasks will be to buy a graduation cake. Here are a few tips:

  1. Plan ahead. Order your cake well in advance since good bakeries are often especially busy at graduation time. The same months in which graduations are at their peak are also popular months for weddings, so be sure to get in touch with your favorite bakery as soon as you have decided on a party date.

  • Get recommendations. If you do not currently have a bakery in mind, ask friends and relatives for referrals. Many people have a personal favorite baker and would be happy to make a recommendation.
  • Taste test. Bakeries are often willing to give you a sample slice or two to help you decide on flavor. What a delicious way to plan a party!
  • Pinch pennies. In addition to traditional neighborhood bakeries, many grocers and warehouse stores have fresh bakery departments. Some of these alternatives may be less expensive.
  • More is merrier. Ask the baker for serving size recommendations and then buy a little extra. You want to be sure you have enough cake for unexpected guests and also to satisfy hearty appetites.
  • Show school pride. Choose the graduate's school colors for icing and other cake decorations. If the school's mascot has not been copyrighted, you can ask the baker to include it on the cake.
  • Photo finish. Almost all modern bakeries have the capability to transfer a photograph onto the cake in frosting. A graduation photo would be a wonderful choice, or as an alternative, choose a childhood photo of the graduate.
  • Look to the future. If the graduate has definite career plans, you might want to decorate the cake to reflect her choice. For example, if the graduate will be a teacher, you might want to choose a desk, books and an apple as cake decor.
  • Words of wisdom. In addition to a graduation-themed picture, you might want the cake to include a short, meaningful quote. For example: "Only the educated are free." -- Epictetus
  • Personalize it. Be sure that the cake decor includes the name of the graduate as well as the graduation date.
  • Decor and more. Display the cake well. Consider draping a graduation gown on the serving table and turning a graduation cap upside down to hold a bowl for chips or other snacks.
  • Please everyone. When ordering large sheet cakes, many bakeries will make half of the cake in one flavor and the second half in another for little or no extra charge.
  • Running out of time? If you waited too long to order a decorated cake, you can always purchase a plain cake and decorate it with graduation-themed items from a party supply store.

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