How To Find Baby Shower Poems

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Whether you are hosting a baby shower or just attending one, you may want to use a baby shower poem. We'll help you find the best assortments of free poems online as well as providing free baby shower poem invitation samples you can use!

  1. The most common use of poems for baby showers is for the invitation. The invitation sets the tone for your event, so remember that when you choose a poem. For example, do you want a more spiritual and serious poem or would you prefer something more whimsical and lighthearted? Either way, your poem can impart a message and be a cute way to invite guests to your shower.
  2. Other places you may want to use poems for your baby shower are on mementos or favors, on thank-you notes or as an inscription on the cake. Other people like to include a themed poem with their shower gift. Babies seem to inspire poems, so use one wherever it strikes you as appropriate.
  3. funny baby shower invitationsIf you are a budding poet, of course you can write your own poem for the big day. However, many of us prefer to find baby shower poems that have been crafted by wordsmiths. An online search for "baby shower poems" results in millions of results. So, add some additional terms to narrow your search. For example searching on "baby shower invitation poems" cuts the results dramatically so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Want to inject some humor into your invitations? Reduce your search results by half again by searching for "funny baby shower invitation poems." You can opt for poems that feature "boy" or "girl," poems that are religious in nature or that have particular themes. For example, you could find fairly specific results by searching for "teddy bear baby shower poems."
  4. Another way to find baby shower poems is to rely on the classics. Check a poetry anthology, such as the one offered by Bartleby (see link), for great verses with a baby theme. You can find appropriate poems from Carl Sandburg, William Wordsworth and many others that can be used for any purpose at your baby shower.
  5. Baby shower invitation poem samples:

Invitation poem 1:

There's a new baby on the way
So we're planning a special day!
Come along; don't be late
We'd like you to help us celebrate!

Invitation poem 2:
Is she expecting a girl or a boy?
All we know is it's a bundle of joy!
Help us shower the mom-to-be
With items for her nursery!


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