How To Create Bridal Shower Centerpieces: Ideas and Supplies

Tips to Help You Decorate Your Next Wedding Shower

Making centerpieces is one of the most fun parts of throwing a bridal shower besides bridal shower games!  Centerpieces are also a great way to add to the decorations. Plus, most of these ideas include items that are less expensive than the standard bridal shower supplies, so including centerpieces doesn't have to put you over budget. Here's how to get started with some of our ideas for centerpieces!

  1. If you make a bridal shower centerpiece composed of separate pieces, then the guests can take something home with them at the end of the event - this can replace expensive bridal shower favors. Shop at a dollar store and find some mugs that you like. They can be plain white or plain colored or if you like, get an assortment with sayings on them. Once you have the mugs, get different colors of curling ribbon, different colors of balloons, a helium tank (which you can rent), some illusion netting or colored cellophane, and some small candies.

    Fill a balloon with helium and use the curling ribbon to attach a balloon to the handle of each White roses at the center of the tablemug. The ribbon should be about 12 inches long from the cup to the balloon. Take some additional curling ribbon, curl several pieces, and then tie these pieces to the nub of the balloon. Use your netting or cellophane to wrap around some candy and place it in the mug. When you are done with all the mugs, stack them pyramid style in the center of the table. Ta-da! You have a gorgeous bridal shower centerpiece.

  2. Another centerpiece that can be split up and taken home by guests is a champagne basket. You will need a white basket or similar container. Go to any liquor store and purchase small bottles of wine or champagne, one for each guest. Tie some white curling ribbon around the neck of each bottle and arrange them in the container for an easy to make centerpiece.
  3. A centerpiece that plays with light might be a nice touch for a bridal shower in the evening or late afternoon. You will need to go to a craft store and get circular mirrors, about eight to ten inches across. You will need one large white candle and several small votive candles. Place the mirror base in the center of the table, the large candle in the center of the mirror with the votives around the large candle. The candles can be lit during dinner. The flames will be even more beautiful reflecting in the mirror!
  4. A miniature tiered bridal shower cake on each table is a nice tie-in to the tiered wedding cake that everyone associates with weddings. Decorate the cake with flowers and little brides and grooms. This centerpiece has the added benefit of being able to be cut and eaten by the guests for dessert!
  5. Finally don't discount the traditional vases of flowers or other flower arrangements for bridal shower centerpieces that are classic, vibrant and fragrant. Offer these to the bride-to-be and shower guests to take home with them--almost everyone loves flowers!

Remember, if you're looking for help putting the bridal shower centerpieces together, get the bridal party to help you. Shop around at craft stores and bridal shops for ideas for other fun and beautiful shower centerpieces, and let your imagination run wild!


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