How To Find Jobs for Seniors

Years ago, folks in their senior years weren't likely to remain in the work force; they seemed content to be winding down. Today's seniors are a vibrant, active group, have much to offer, and want to perform to their full potential. Many seniors, retired from their lifelong careers, seek opportunities to share their experience and unique gifts while earning a little spending money. If you are a senior looking for such an opportunity, here are few tips for finding a great job:

  1. Network. Spread the word to friends, family members, and other acquaintances that you are looking for a job. Many will be able to offer suggestions and someone may know of the perfect opportunity!
  2. Head back to work. Check in with previous employers to see if they have anything available that may interest you. Unlike the pressures of your preceding full-time position, you may be able to do a scaled-down version of your old job. You have considerable knowledge and experience to offer, making you an ideal choice for a consultant or as a mentor for young employees trying to make their mark.
  3. Do what you love. Try to seek a job that allows you to indulge your interests or hobbies. Here are just a few ideas: If you are a voracious reader, apply at your local library or bookstore. Love kids? Try a daycare center or elementary school. Many places seek kindhearted classroom aides. Movie buffs may enjoy a job at a theater. You'll get to see all the new releases for free! If your garden is the envy of the neighborhood, consider applying at a flower shop or garden center. Love to shop 'til you drop? Most retailers offer generous discounts to their employees--maybe you can apply at your favorite store. Golf courses frequently hire experienced golfers to do a variety of tasks from groundskeeping to offering lessons.
  4. Freelance. Depending on your personal strengths, you may be able to offer tutoring or lessons to children and adults on a freelance basis. Some possible choices might include art or music lessons, bookkeeping and tax preparation, academic assistance, bicycle repair, or foreign language tutoring.
  5. Get organized. Check with local seniors advocacy or social groups for ideas and suggestions. If you are not aware of any in your area, place a quick call to your town's city hall for a referral.
  6. Read the paper. The classified ads in your local newspaper will offer a variety of current openings in your area. Scan them on a regular basis to get up to date information on possible opportunities.
  7. Go online. The Internet really simplifies the process of looking for a job. Go to your favorite search engine and type in "part time job" along with the title of the position you are seeking as well as your hometown. Within the first handful of results, you will likely find a few possibilities.
  8. Volunteer. If you are seeking a job more for the opportunity to offer a valuable service rather than for the purpose of earning money, you may want to consider volunteering. Many worthwhile organizations are in constant need of caring individuals to lend a hand. Choose a cause that holds special meaning for you and do your part to improve the world. And you never know, the volunteer position might also lead into a job opportunity.


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