Learning About Father's Rights: Child Custody Rights

Get Tips to Help Single Dads Deal with Single Parenting and More

If you are a devoted father who is having trouble getting your child custody rights acknowledged, there is help available. In the past, single parenting has usually been thought of as a woman's dilemma. Today, men can find help with single father parenting from various avenues. These tips should help fathers learn how to understand their custody rights.

  1. ORGANIZATIONS There is a wide variety of organizations that promote the rights of fathers. Sifting through most of these sites can be disappointing, though; some provide more ranting than useful information. I've located a couple of organizations that offer sound advice.

    The National Fathers' Resource Center (NFRC) offers a wealth of information. On the NFRC website, you'll find a link to Fathers For Equal Rights, Inc. (FER). FER is a division of NFRC and contains information specific to fathers' rights. You'll find online tools, courses, advice, and plenty of information about a father's rights to his children.

    The Children's Rights Council (CRC) believes that both parents are important in a child's life. Here, you'll find information about child support, counseling, programs, and legal matters-just a few of the topics found on this site. There is also a forums area and a section on where to find local chapters of CRC. While this website isn't specific to fathers, it provides an ample amount of relevant information.

  2. MAGAZINES Get updated on the latest news and issues concerning father's rights by subscribing to a men's or father's magazine. Short on cash? Check to see whether or not a local library carries your favorite periodical. If not, then put in a request for it-more than likely, the library will order it. Libraries strive on keeping their shelves stocked with a variety of publications.

    E-zines-electronic magazines found online-are another option. Many are free to browse and often contain online resources. You can find links to related government agencies and even lawyers specializing in father's rights. Additionally, some e-zines offer forums for peer interaction and support.

    One particularly helpful e-zine is Fathering Magazine, which is full of resources and information for fathers (both single and married). The magazine also has a forums area which includes topics on child custody and child support.

  3. BOOKS Even in this age of technology, it'd be unwise to write off book reading. Having a book handy is great for finding quick and reliable information (not to mention passing time at the doctor's waiting room). The aforementioned websites contain resources, some of which are in book form. Check out the libraries in your area for books about father's rights. Doing an online search for the topic will produce a spectrum of possible books.

    In particular, one popular book is Fathers' Rights: A Legal Guide to Protecting the Best Interests of Your Children by James J. Gross. Mr. Gross is a father, lawyer, mediator, and writer who is a frequent guest on radio and television. His book covers all the facets involved in the custody process.

Whether you're going through a divorce, trying to establish paternity, or fighting for your parental rights years after the breakup, you can accomplish your goals. A father can be a valuable role model in a child's life. Do what's necessary to be your child's role model. The resources found in this article will help you achieve this.


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