How To Make a Baby Photo Announcement

If you recently had a baby or are having one soon, you may wish to make your own baby photo announcement.  This is a relatively inexpensive and fun way to announce the arrival of your new little bundle!

  1. First, if you have access to a digital camera, this is an easy route to take.  Once your little one is here, snap some pictures of him in various stages -- sleeping, awake, smiling, stretching, whatever you wish.  You can even try him in different outfits.  Taking a digital image is ideal only because you can then download the pictures to a website on the Internet and order prints that way, or you can even print them from your computer.  If you use a non-digital camera and you want your prints immediately, just take them to a one-hour photo and have them developed in no time at all. 
  2. Once you have picked the print you wish you to use, it is time to make sure you have enough copies.  How many people do you wish to send out the announcement to?  Remember, it is always a good idea to print more than you will actually need.  If you choose to download prints to your computer and have them printed at a store, there are some good sites out there. has a great photo studio online and you can crop your prints, take out red-eye, etc.  You can also order to have them done in a hour if you want to pay a bit more.  You place your order online and pick them up at the nearest Wal-Mart store.  If you choose to use a regular camera, just be sure to order enough of the pictures when you take your film in to be developed.  Remember, if your computer is able, you also can purchase special photo paper and print out the pictures right in your own home from your digital camera.
  3. After you have your photos printed, it is time to decide just what type of announcement you wish to use.  You have several choices of what you can do and just how much work you want to put it into it.

    • Ready-made cards:  You can find these at card stores throughout the country.  Basically this is a card that you would slip the baby photo of your choice into.  On the outside it has a pre-printed greeting and announcement information, such as, "It's a Boy and We are Overjoyed," or something along those lines.  You simply fill out the baby's statistics and slip in the photo and they are ready to go!
    • Your own design:  If you wish to get really crafty, you can make your own announcements to send out.  If you have a card maker in any of your photo software, this can be pretty easy.  Simply download the software (such as Microsoft Picture It!) or any other design software, and follow the directions on the screen.  Most often you can choose your own background, what you want the announcement to say, where you want the picture placed and what colors you want everything printed in.  You should be allowed to preview your card before printing.  If you like what you see, print it out from your own computer and there you go!  Your own photo baby announcement.

  4. You can even go a step further.  On your computer-printed announcements add some ribbon, stamping or stickers to give your announcement an even more personal touch.
  5. One last choice: simply load your photo onto a website, such as the one mentioned above, and choose to use one of their baby photo announcements that already have the background and the wording.  You just add your baby's statistics and any other special message you wish.  This is a nice, easy way to make a baby photo announcement and these sites normally have several different photo cards to choose from for announcing the birth of a little one.

Keep in mind that once your new little baby is here, you probably won't have a lot of time or energy to put into making your own photo announcements.  That is okay!  There are several different options for you to choose from; hopefully one of them will work for you!  


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