How To Use Online Dating Services

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Like the rest of today's world, dating has become something that you can do through cyberspace.  Millions of people around the world are dating them after meeting through online dating services.  Are you interested in online dating?  Are you just not quite sure how to get started at it?

  1. To find an online dating service, try doing a search through one of the major search engines, such as Google.  Search for "online dating sites."  This type of an Internet search should bring up hundreds, if not thousands, of online dating services.  Not sure which one is right for you?  Pay a visit to several different sites. 
  2. During your exploration of each online dating service, try looking for things about the site that may interest you.  Make sure the site has your target group available for you to meet.  Also make sure you are comfortable with the online dating service.  For example, you wouldn't want to pick a site that is for Atheist singles if you are not interested in dating an Atheist. If you are an older person and want to date someone of your own age, you wouldn't want to register at a site for people in their 20s.   You should be able to easily determine who, if anyone specific, the online dating service is targeting by browsing through the features on its homepage.
  3. Once you have picked an online dating service, you will need to register at that site.  Some online dating services require you to pay for registering, while others give you a certain number of days to try the site for free before requiring you to pay.  During this registration process you will give out your information and most likely fill out a questionnaire that has you answering all sorts of questions about your likes, your dislikes and various other pieces of information the site deems helpful for meeting someone special. 
  4. After registering with the online dating service that interests you, it is time to get to know other people who are registered there also.  You can view other member's profiles through a special section on the site.  If one of these people is of interest to you, you can send them an email.  Most likely the email won't be directly from your personal email account on your home computer.  Instead, it will come from an email set up especially for you through the online dating service where you registered.  Email is a popular choice for contacting another member of a dating site. 
  5. Don't forget that you need a profile also!  You will want to pick a picture of yourself that is flattering and tasteful, and upload it to your profile. Using a digital camera to take your photo is a great idea.  After all, your profile will be the first thing people see when they are interested in getting to know you!
  6. If you don't choose to email another member, many of these online dating services have a really fun way to get to know other members -- chat rooms!  If this is something you are comfortable doing, try logging on to a chat room through the online dating service and just start chatting.  Chat rooms of online dating services are a great way to get to know other people in a non-threatening atmosphere.  You never know who you may meet!  If things in a chat room go well, these dating sites often have private chat rooms set up where you may schedule a private chat with someone you have met.  Many of these chat rooms are set up to allow for voice chatting through a microphone and some even allow the use of web cams.  How fun will be to not only see the person who interests you, but also to talk to him or her!
  7. When you choose online dating services, you must remember that safety is key!  Don't give out your personal information to anyone, even if it is someone who interests you.  If that person asks for your phone number to give you a call, instead consider turning it around and request that person's phone number or private email instead.  Play it smart and stay safe. 

    Also remember, if you decide to meet someone face-to-face, it is best to go and meet that person in a busy public setting like a popular restaurant or coffee shop.  Or consider getting together with a group of people.  Don't go somewhere secluded by yourself to meet someone you know only through an online dating service, even if he does seem harmless.  You can just never be too safe!

It is hard to meet people these days.  One very big positive about using an online dating service is that many of these larger services have well over one million members, some up to three million. Chances are, your next date could be one of them!


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