How To Find Single Parent Travel Packages

If you are a single parent searching for a travel package that is geared toward single parents, you may be wondering where you can find them. Single parents who wish to travel with their children often run into the same problem, being charged only slightly less for a travel package for yourself and your child than you would if you paid for two adults. Are there travel organizations out there that cater solely to the single parent and the single parent who wishes to travel with his child? Where can you find them?

  1. Try doing an Internet search for "single parent travel packages" on a major search engine. Chances are a website such as SingleParentTravel will pop up in your search. This Internet website and others that are similar to it are great resources for single parent travelers. Sites like these often offer single parent and single parent family trips that are geared just for you! You will find single parent tour packages to places all over the world, places such as Greece or Turks and Caicos Islands and all at a price that is appropriate for single parents!
  2. Another great resource for finding single parent travel packages is by checking out your local Parents Without Partners group. These groups can often be found meeting in hospitals or community centers throughout the country. Call your local hospital to see if they can place you with a group, or look in your phone book white pages. Parents Without Partners also has a website that you can look over. This specific organization is full of single people and many of them want to travel. At times, the Parents Without Partners website has special single parent travel offers that you can purchase. The organizations in your area may also offer travel specials for group members. Besides being a great resource, Parents Without Partners can also get single parents together for friendship!
  3. If neither of the above interest you as far as finding a single parent travel package goes, you may want to contact an actual travel agent. A travel agent should have a list of travel packages entirely for the single parent. It may be better to go directly through a travel agent rather than looking online at some of the major travel sites, only because you will be able to share exactly what you are looking for in your travel package. Plus, it is always pleasant to speak to an actual person who is trained to get you the best deal.
  4. One final source of single parent travel packages may be to join an online single parent club. If you do an Internet search on any of the major search engines of "single parent clubs," you should find plenty to peruse. However, many of these sites request that you register with their site before you are given any information so you won't be able to see their single parent travel packages without becoming a member first. Some may require a fee to join and others offer membership for free. Regardless of the fee, you will want to make sure the single parent club you join is legit before you give them any of your money or purchase any travel packages through them. These sites often offer message boards, testimonials, singles events that aren't travel-related and of course, several different single travel vacation packages.

Being a single parent in this day and age is not uncommon. Finding single parent vacation packages shouldn't be difficult either. Finding one that is right for you may take a little searching, but there is one out there!


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