How To Make Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas gift basket

As the holiday season approaches, you may be having trouble finding the perfect gift for that person who has everything. Well, look no further! A homemade Christmas gift basket is a great gift for anyone and you can personalize it. Here are some tips on how to make Christmas gift baskets:

  1. Choose a theme. Think about the recipient's interests. Is the recipient a movie fan or does she love to cook? For a professional-looking basket, choose a theme and coordinate the items that you want to put in it. For the movie fan, you may want to fill a basket with some DVD movies, some popcorn and other treats. For the cook, try to find some cooking utensils and gourmet cooking oils or spices.
  2. Find a large basket or container. Check discount stores, craft stores and yard sales for large wicker baskets or containers. Size matters -- make sure that the basket is large enough to fit all of the items that you want to put in it.
  3. Add some filler. Think of this as like putting cellophane grass in an Easter basket -- you need something to "cushion" your gift basket items. The most common type of filler is shredded cellophane or tissue paper. Depending on the type of basket you are making, a small kitchen towel could be used (perfect for a gourmet or kitchen- themed basket). The craft store is the perfect place to look for other types of fillers like raffia, cello and colorful tissue paper shreds.
  4. Arrange the items in the basket. This is an important step, as you should arrange large items in the back of the basket, grouping smaller items in front. Make sure that the items are proportioned evenly in the basket.
  5. Wrap it up. Finish your basket off by wrapping it up in cellophane. Be sure to buy high quality cellophane from a craft store or paper shop--this is not the time to use Saran Wrap! Wrap it starting from the bottom of the basket and tie the cellophane at the top. For a large basket, you may need to use two pieces of cellophane and secure them with a rubber band or clear tape at the bottom. Tie the top with ribbon or tulle and add a bow. A big bow made out of tulle is a great touch.
  6. Gift basket theme suggestions. There are an endless number of gift basket themes, but here are a few favorites:
    • Book Lover basket. Fill a basket with two or three books, a pretty bookmark, a mug, hot cocoa and a pair of comfy slippers.
    • Gardening basket. Instead of using a basket, use a large flower pot and stock it with gardening gloves, a small trowel or shovel and seed packets.
    • Wine gift basket. Choose one or two good bottles of wine, add a pair of beautiful wine glasses and a few wedges of good quality gourmet cheese. Throw in some cheese markers or spreaders and line the basket with cloth napkins.
    • Christmas lover basket. For that person who loves Christmas, select some glittery ornaments, a book or movie about Christmas and some Christmas cookies or candy, like peppermint bark. Wrap the basket with garland.


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