How To Capture the True Spirit of Christmas

In this day and age, the spirit of Christmas has truly become overshadowed by commercialism. With Christmas displays set up in the stores well before Halloween, it's easier than ever to get lost in the materialism of it all and lose touch with the true meaning of Christmas. If you're looking to regain some of that lost Christmas spirit, here are some tips on how to capture the true spirit of Christmas.

  1. Spend time with your loved ones. Instead of just buying a stack of gifts for everyone on your list, spend some quality time with your family and friends. Bake cookies together or go to a Christmas show. Do something corny like sing Christmas carols together. And if there's someone that you've had a falling out with, use this season as a time to make amends. This Christmas season make the emphasis less about the presents and more about spending time with the people that you love.
  2. Go to church. Many people have lost the spiritual meaning behind the celebration of Christmas. If it's been eons since you've been to church, plan to attend church this Christmas. This could even be a start for you to get back into the habit of going to church on a weekly basis.
  3. Send out spiritual Christmas cards. Instead of sending a card with a picture of Santa or Rudolph on it, send a spiritual card to friends and loved ones and write a brief message about how much they mean to you and why.
  4. Donate your time. There are many organizations that can use helping hands during the busy holiday season. As cliche as it sounds, donate your time to a soup kitchen or make a meal for the poor. Contact the Salvation Army or your local United Way organization to see where they need help. See if your county has a Christmas Adopt-a-Child Program, where you can provide small gifts, clothing and toys for a child in need.
  5. Visit the less fortunate. Nursing homes and orphanages are full of people who feel extremely lonely during the holidays. Bring gifts or snacks and visit the less fortunate. Bring flowers to an elderly person or make Christmas cards for orphaned children. Gather a group of friends together and go Christmas caroling at a nursing home. In addition, leave some cookies for a struggling single parent and offer to help out with babysitting.

By using some of these suggestions, you will make a difference this year and it will help you to capture the true spirit of Christmas. Because remember, Christmas is not really about lights and trees and piles of gifts--it's really about peace and good will toward one another.



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