How To Find a Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Candles for Thanksgiving

Few occasions call for a fuller table than Thanksgiving. Many times, there's barely enough room for all the food, let alone a centerpiece. But before the dinner is laid out, if you want your table to look festive, you want to find just the right centerpiece. Here are some ways you can find a Thanksgiving centerpiece that will add to the ambiance as you get ready to enjoy the day's big meal.

  1. Visit the local florist. Florists are in the business of arranging flowers and other accessories to complement special occasions. Many people get great Thanksgiving centerpieces from the florists who they turn to for other occasions like Christmas, weddings, and Valentine's Day. Using seasonal flowers and traditional Thanksgiving symbols (gotta love the turkey...), florists can do wonders for your holiday table.
  2. Check out a craft fair. The holiday season, which seems to start earlier each year, is famous for craft fairs. If you visit a fair at your church, school, or civic group, you will often find great handmade seasonal centerpieces that you can bring home for Thanksgiving. Sometimes, they can be a little expensive, as handmade products often are. But you can also take pride in bringing home something unique and in supporting local artists. Look up local craft fairs at CraftLister.
  3. Go eBay. eBay is the unofficial center of the Internet shopping universe. If you want a Thanksgiving centerpiece, probably at a great price, check out eBay's listings. You will likely find everything from store-made to homemade to bulk centerpieces. One quick search and I found 157 different listings. Ceramic turkeys seem to be in this season.
  4. Ask your kids. Grade school kids love crafts. Or if they don't, they're still forced to make them in school. If they don't bring home a craft you can somehow make into a centerpiece (what else are they really going to do with that pilgrim hat or Indian headdress?), you can do a craft with them and come up with a centerpiece. Have them collect pine cones and put them around a candle. Make a small cardboard cube and let the kids decorate the sides with markers, paint, or construction paper cut-outs of turkeys. And don't forget to pack up the centerpiece for use next year or at least so you can look back and remember putting it together.
  5. Go Yankee. I don't mean Derek Jeter. Sometimes the simplest centerpiece can be the best. Yankee Candle has large, glass jar candles in all sorts of autumnal hues and homey fragrances like pumpkin pie, cinnamon and vanilla. These candles retail for about thirty dollars but will last way beyond Thanksgiving - unless you have a really, really long dinner.
  6. Care enough to set the very best. Hallmark has a large array of lovely Thanksgiving accessories, including centerpieces. These include turkeys, various harvest bouquets, and even flowers. You can stop by a local Hallmark store or visit the website for more information
  7. Join the iparty. Thanksgiving has an image as a homey, classic, rustic holiday. But that doesn't mean that iparty, purveyor of all things crepe and confetti-oriented, can't be called in, in a pinch, to supply your Thanksgiving centerpiece need. If you want a twenty-five inch paper turkey on your table, for example, look no further.

Of course, Thanksgiving is usually special simply because of who is gathered around your table (or alternately, who's in your living room watching football...). Little details, like an attractive centerpiece, can add to the fun and spirit of the day.


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