How To Decorate for a New Year's Eve Party

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Are you intimidated by the prospect of decorating for the holidays? Does the thought of decorating your home for a New Year's Eve party so soon after Christmas have you down in the dumps? Relax! With these tips, you can easily create attractive decorations for your New Year's Eve party. I've also provided online resources (see links) where you can purchase New Year's Eve party supplies at a reasonable cost.

Start your decorating for your New Year's Eve party by picking a theme. Three popular decorating themes are covered in this article: silver and gold, candles, and balloons and confetti.

  1. Silver and gold. Reuse ribbons from Christmas or purchase silver and gold ribbons from your local card shop. Use the ribbon to make a large silver and gold bow to place on your front door. Tie smaller bows around each glass you place on the buffet table. Weave several strands of the ribbon together to create silver and gold streamers to place around the room. Create a silver and gold centerpiece for the middle of your buffet table by filling a glass bowl with silver and gold Christmas ornaments and topping the bowl with bows made from silver and gold ribbon. Create a silver or gold buffet "tablecloth" by wrapping a small buffet table with silver or gold wrapping paper. Hershey's kisses also come wrapped in silver and gold foil, so placing glass bowls of Hershey's kisses around the room will enhance your theme.
  2. Candles. Candles are an excellent way to decorate for a New Year's Eve party! Make your own candles or purchase inexpensive candles at your local shop. Attach large unlit candles to the center of a wreath and place the wreath on your front door for an attractive door ornament. Carefully place lit candles along a fireplace mantle, on shelves, on side tables, or on your coffee table. Make a spectacular candle centerpiece by placing a flat mirror in the middle of your buffet table and placing a candle arrangement on top. For informal parties, fill a basket with small unlit candles to pass out as party favors. If your seating is more formal, a small unlit candle placed by each place card makes an excellent party favor.
  3. Brightly colored balloons and confetti. Fill as many uninflated balloons as you can with confetti. Inflate the balloons with helium and place the balloons along the edges of the room. When midnight arrives, your guests can pop the balloons and shower the room with confetti. Tie several balloons to your front door knob to greet your guests (especially if the door is protected from the wind). Cover a buffet table with a plain white tablecloth and sprinkle the center of the buffet table liberally with confetti. Attach brightly colored streamers or ribbons along the edge of your table and your look is complete. If your seating is more formal, attach several balloons to back of each guest's chair. Glass bowls filled with brightly colored mints mimic the look of the confetti.

In conclusion, decorating your home for a New Year's Eve party can be both fun and rewarding. Once you choose a theme, it is simple to decorate using these tips!


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