How To Use Religious Dating Services

Many singles these days are not only seeking someone who has similar interests and hobbies, but also someone who shares their religious beliefs.  One great way to meet someone with similar religious interests is through a religious dating service.

  1. One place to start looking for a religious dating service is on the Internet.  There are many religious dating websites available for interested singles.  If you know the specific religion that you wish to find a date through, then do a search for that specific religion along with the words "dating service" behind it.  Otherwise, the majority of websites available will be specifically for Christian singles wishing to meet other Christian singles. 

    You must also be aware that many of these religious online dating services have an Articles of Faith policy in which they express their exact beliefs about dating and sex.  You should read over each website's policy before deciding to join, only because what that religious website believes about dating and what you believe about dating may not mesh.  Plus, chances are if someone has joined a religious dating website that believes dating is for the purpose of marriage only, that person also only believes in dating for marriage only.  If you don't share that belief, then you may not wish to join that specific religious online dating service.

  2. If using an online religious dating service isn't for you, you have other options. There are religious dating services available offline also. If you look through the yellow pages in your local phone book under dating or matchmaking, you should find several dating groups that can help match you to a potential date.  There should be some that are specifically for those seeking a date with the same religious beliefs. 

    If you place a call to the religious dating service, you will most likely find that they ask you to make an appointment to come in and meet with them.  At this appointment, you will be asked to fill out answers to questions concerning your hobbies, your belief system, your occupation, and all sorts of other things that will allow them to match you with a potential mate.  They will most likely take your photo or even a video of you to show to people who are interested in you. 

    Your contact information will not be given out to anyone who is interested.  Instead, the dating service will contact you with the information and you can take it from there.  This may be a great way to meet that special someone who is like-minded when it comes to faith.

  3. One last way to meet a single person of similar faith is not really a dating service, per se, but a way to get out and mingle with like-minded singles!  If you are interested in dating someone who shares your religious beliefs, then why not head to your local church's singles night?  Did you know that many churches offer singles nights either at the church or at a get-together somewhere in town?  Sponsored by a church with a specific denomination, these singles nights can be a wonderful tool for meeting that special someone! 

    You can look in your local paper for religious singles nights near you, or call a place of worship and see if they offer a singles night for mingling.  All you have to do is show up and see if there are other singles who may be of interest to you.  After that, the potential for dating is up to you!

Dating can be tough for anyone; it can be even tougher for those who want someone that has similar religious beliefs.  By using a dating service that caters just to the specific religion of your choice, you can meet that special someone.  You can also try an Internet dating service that will match you up to someone with similar religious beliefs, or you can try a singles night at a local church.  Any of these dating ideas are great ways to meet that special someone you have been looking for!


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