How To Find Senior Personals

Common sense and statistics tell us clearly that as our population ages, there will be a growing number of seniors who, through the death of a spouse, midlife divorce or prolonged single lifestyle, find themselves in their senior years looking for companionship, long-term relationship or marriage. But seniors often feel uncomfortable about how to respond to this need. While some rely on chance, senior socials or just give up, others have discovered another way to meet new people that is safe, discreet and allows you to maintain your distance and your dignity. Using senior personals can give you the tool you need to access a social life that may be closer than you imagine. Here's how to find senior personals.

  1. Local Newspapers. For many seniors, deciding to look for senior personals is a big step, but a step that is more easily undertaken if seniors begin with their own local newspaper. There they can casually wander into the personals section that is found even in small suburban papers and browse with complete anonymity.

    If nothing else, looking for senior personals in local newspapers gives seniors a chance to "warm up," to get familiar with the way in which personals appear, to learn frequently used abbreviations, and to practice reading between the lines.

    Unfortunately, easy as it is to use local newspapers, their offerings are limited and it may not be possible for you to find a senior personal that appeals to your taste. It's time to expand your options.

  2. Go online. One of the easiest ways to find personals today is to go online. Even if you don't own your own computer, you can access one at most public libraries and many senior centers.

    Using online searches broadens your possibilities considerably. Instead of the limited format of newspaper personals, most online sites present the browser with photos and a more developed presentation of each participant. You can get started by simply typing into a search engine the words "Senior Personals" and you will be treated to an array of possible sites. Of the many sites that appear, you will find that there are basically two general kinds of senior personals sites - mega sites and specialized sites.

  3. Mega Sites. When you use the Internet to access senior personals, you will note that clearly not all sites are created equal. Some sites take the "mega" approach by working to maximize the total number of participants. They will then catalog all registrants so that they can be found according to their gender, age and location.

    Mega sites open wide the doors to senior relationships. Not only can seniors who live in Massachusetts find other seniors in Massachusetts, but Massachusetts seniors who winter in Florida can check out senior personals in Florida and be ready for holiday socializing before they even arrive.

    One example of a mega site is SeniorCircle. A look reveals a site that has thousands of senior personals accompanied by pictures. Personals here are accompanied by a few words describing what the senior is seeking through the personal - friendship, companionship, romance, long-term relationship. The best feature of this site is that it allows first-time users to browse the site as a "guest" and to discover what is offered, without any pre-registration or any user fee.

    Another mega site is found at SeniorCircle. It's comprised of thousands of listings and it, too, provides ages, gender and locale of participants. It distinguishes itself by including with each personal listing, a self-descriptive phrase written by the advertising senior. These short statements tend to give a tiny window into the real person presented.

  4. Specialty Sites. For some seniors, finding senior personals may seem too much like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately there are online senior personals sites that do some of the narrowing down for you. To make use of these more specialized sites, seniors need to know themselves well enough to know what they really want in a relationship. If there are potential deal breakers, then seniors need to use senior personals sites that will let them avoid mismatches from the start.

    For some seniors, for example, religion is a very important part of who they are and what they want in a match. Christians who feel this way can find personals prescreened on the basis of religion on TogetherChristian. Jewish seniors may want to search TheJcafe and Arabs can look to Arabium.

The wealth of free or inexpensive online senior personals sites can be overwhelming. By gradually narrowing your search, you may eventually find a variety of amiable choices. The process itself can help seniors crystallize their thinking about finding not just the senior personals but of course, more importantly, the senior person meant for him or her.


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