How To Make a Valentine's Day Gift Basket

Valentine's day gifts

A Valentine's Day gift basket is a great way to show someone how much you care about them on this holiday devoted to love. A handmade gift basket is especially personal and easy to put together. A collection of classic Valentine's Day selections creates the base for any great basket.

  1. Choose the basket. Decide on what size basket you want to make and what will be going inside of it. You want to be sure to select a basket that will comfortably fit all of your items and not leave too much empty space. While a red or pink colored basket may be a nice touch for the season, a natural colored basket is classic, and can be used by the recipient around his or her home once the goodies have been used up.
  2. Decorate your basket. Some tasteful ribbon wrapped around the handle of the basket is always a nice touch. You will also need some filler for the bottom of your basket to elevate and properly display your items. Look for shredded paper or even wood shavings for a unique approach.
  3. Brainstorm for basket items. While you should have a few key items in mind already, make a comprehensive list of the items you want to include, so you're sure not leave anything out when you go shopping.
  4. Chocolate. No Valentine's Day gift should go without chocolate. Make this item extra special by finding an artisan chocolate or gourmet chocolate selection. Godiva is a popular source of specialty chocolates, and they have ready-made, beautifully-boxed selections in every size. You can also build custom boxes to include any special favorites. No matter where you decide to purchase the chocolates, be sure the chocolates are packaged nicely for a great presentation and to prevent the chocolates from being damaged.
  5. Stuffed animal. While this may seem a little sappy for some people, stuffed animals make a cute addition to a gift basket and can fill out awkward space. They can also hold any other high profile gifts, such as jewelry, gift cards, etc.
  6. Hard candy hearts. These Valentine's Day classics are a must-have for any gift basket. These nostalgic candies with their endearing messages come in small individual boxes or can be purchased by the bag to scatter around the basket.
  7. Individualized items. This is where your imagination is key. Would your special someone like a new watch? A gift certificate to have dinner together at a favorite restaurant? Let your personal knowledge be your guide. Make sure you coordinate any of these gifts with the other items in your basket using ribbon or wrapping in colors that correspond with the rest of the gifts contained in the basket.
  8. Item positioning. Make sure all of your items have "room to breath" and are clearly visible within the basket. A basket that is too cluttered will look messy and thrown together.
  9. Wrapping. Nice gift baskets are often wrapped in colored cellophane which is closed with a bow. A nice mesh material also works well and can be purchased at any craft or fabric store. Make sure a heartfelt card is attached to the wrapping, ideally on the bow. This will show off all your hard work, keep items from sliding, and let the recipient read your words of love before being distracted by all of your thoughtful goodies.


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