How To Celebrate Father's Day with Your Dad

Father's Day is a wonderful time to show your father--or any father figure-- how much he means to you. Traditionally celebrated on the third Sunday in June, Father's Day is a day to honor the man that you call Dad. Not sure what to do to make this day special for your father? Read on for some tips on how to celebrate Father's Day with your Dad:

  1. Take a trip down memory lane. If you still live in the area where you grew up, take your dad on a walking or driving tour of your hometown. Stop by the ball field or the park where Dad used to take you when you were a kid. Go out to eat at an old restaurant or diner that your family used to frequent back in the old days. Your dad will certainly appreciate walking down memory lane with you--and you'll enjoy it, too.
  2. Make a special meal or invite the whole family over for a barbecue. Father's Day is the time to make a meal fit for a king. Find out what your dad's favorite meal is and cook it for him. Better yet, invite everyone over for a family barbecue to honor all of the fathers in the family. Or invite some single fathers that you know and give them a break from the rigors of single father parenting. If your dad is known for his barbecued ribs and wants to take over the grill, don't feel as though your have to wait on him hand and foot--let him do whatever he wants to celebrate the day!
  3. Do something together that Dad likes--even if you don't. Fishing isn't your thing but your Dad loves it? Make his day by going to the lake for a day of fishing. Is your dad on the bowling league and you haven't hit the lanes since you were in junior high? Take him to the bowling alley and let him show you how it's done. The important thing on Father's Day is to simply spend time together.
  4. Give your father a special gift--a photo book of memories, homemade cards from your kids or a homemade movie. In this age of digital photography, it's easier than ever to make homemade photo gifts like scrapbooks and family movies. Your father will appreciate the time you put into making him a unique, homemade gift.
  5. Go to a movie. Really. When was the last time you went to see a movie with your dad? Let him pick the movie and you can go get the popcorn and sodas. If your dad isn't a movie person, consider getting tickets to a ball game or another event.
  6. If you don't live near your dad, consider going to visit him on Father's Day. That's right, hop on a plane, train or in your automobile and make the trip to your father's house! Nothing will mean more to him than seeing you on this special day.
  7. Finally, tell your dad that you love him. Those three little words may have not been said for a while, so what better time to say them than now?


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