How To Find the Perfect Father's Day Gift

Surprising dad

Whether the father you are buying for is your dad or your husband, finding the perfect Father's Day gift can be quite a task. The gift should convey how much this dad means to you. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect Father's Day gift.

  1. Check eBay for oldies but goodies. The website eBay or your local antique stores are great places to find old-time gifts that will have Dad feeling nostalgic. From old board games to baseball cards, you just may be able to find that collectible item that Dad's been looking for.
  2. Give a photo gift. Print out extra copies of digital photos and make a scrapbook -- or transfer old 8 mm films to DVD format (you can get this done at any photo shop, or check online for mail order sites). Find a favorite photo and have it printed in a larger size and in black and white. Frame it in matted black frame for Dad's office.
  3. Take Dad out for a favorite restaurant or give a gift card. Nothing says Happy Father's Day like a good meal. Give your favorite dad a night out at a great eatery or include a restaurant gift certificate in his Father's Day card.
  4. Have the kids make homemade cards and gifts. Fathers of young children will appreciate the homemade gifts and cards that their kids present them with. Get out the construction paper, markers, glue and glitter, and let the kids go to town. These priceless works of art will undoubtedly make it on to Dad's desk at work! And don't forget, grandfathers love artwork from their grandchildren, too!
  5. Give books or movies. If Dad has a favorite movie actor or author, make him a goodie bag filled with books or DVDs featuring his favorite people. Add some snacks, gourmet candy or coffee so Dad can relax and settle in with a good book or movie.
  6. For the man who has everything-- offer your services. If Dad is having a hard time maintaining the house, offer to take over the lawn mowing, do some painting, etc. Perhaps there's a small household project that has sat unfinished for a while--offer to finish it off or hire a contractor and surprise Dad.
  7. A day at the golf course -- or anywhere else. A relaxing day at the golf course will make Dad's day. Book the course ahead of time and go with him, even if you're not an avid golfer. If Dad has another hobby, like bowling or fishing, do that with him instead, even if you're not a fan of the sport.
  8. Something he needs, but would never buy for himself. A gift certificate for a massage. A bathrobe. A new suit. Think of something that dad needs--but would never shell out the money for-- and buy it for him. Many times our favorite dads don't buy special things for themselves, so take it upon yourself to go out and buy it for him.


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