How To Buy Boy Scout Emblems

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Boy Scout emblems and merit badges are an important part of the Boy Scouts and of the Boy Scout uniform. The emblems indicate which troop the boys belong to, while the merit badges indicate merits the boys have received. 
Boy Scout Emblems
You should be able to buy your son's Boy Scout emblems at the same place you purchased your son's Boy Scout uniform. Check with that store first; this may be your easiest option. You can also try ScoutStuff.

Boy Scout Merit Badges

  1. Merit badges 'signify mastery of Scoutcraft skills, as well as helping boys increase their skill in an area of personal interest.'  In other words, the merit badges indicate the boys have completed certain requirements to receive the merit badge.  Once the boys meet the requirements, they receive their merit badges (patches for their uniforms) from their merit badge counselor. There are one hundred and twenty different merit badges available for boys to earn. Some examples include art, archeology or camping. If you'd like to see pictures of merit badges, check out TeacherLink.
  2. The requirements to receive a merit badge vary in difficulty depending on the merit badge. For your son to receive a merit badge, he'll have to speak to your merit badge counselor about where to get his merit badge pamphlet. Some troops have their own pamphlet libraries; others will have to refer your son to a specific library. Once your son gets the pamphlet, your son will have to speak to the merit badge counselor for that specific merit badge. The merit badge counselor will help your son and a 'buddy' to meet the requirements needed for the merit badge. Once your son has met the requirements, he will be given his merit badge.
  3. Remember, that your son does not have to be a certain level in the boy scouts to earn any of the merit badges. However for your son to achieve the popular eagle scout honor, your son will have to have received twenty-one merit badges, twelve of which must be from a required list and include popular merit badges such as personal fitness and environmental science. 

  4. If you are looking for classic Boy Scout emblems for a great price, try eBay.  eBay does not charge bidders to bid on items.  However you should make sure you check the shipping and handling costs before bidding to eliminate any surprises.  If nothing comes up when using the keyword phrase "Boy Scout Emblems," try using the keywords "Boy Scout badges, Boy Scout patches, or Boy Scout merit badges."  

The Boy Scouts of America is a wonderful program that encourages boys to follow their own interests so they can earn merit badges. Boy Scouts of America is a wonderful addition to a college application, especially the coveted Eagle Scout ranking. Studies have also shown that the Boy Scouts of America increases boys' self-esteem and self-confidence. 


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