It is amazing to think about all the people who have been a part of your life. It is nice to care about people and to know that your feelings are reciprocated. Someone that holds you close to his or her heart is priceless. True friends have an impact on how we live, and how we look at the world. Many people walk in and out of your life, but a true friend stands by you for years to come. Our articles will give you a clearer understanding of how to meet and keep friends, as well as how to be a good friend to others.

Great friendships are so important in this world. Many of our articles focus on how to keep your friendships strong by learning to resolve conflict, or reconnect with people you may not have seen for years. You can also research how to find new friends. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, for example, you can make friends online. There are many online communities where people can share their different outlooks on life; or, they may also just be there to listen to a particular problem. For those who are struggling with finding time for friends, we have great tips on that topic too. Take some time to browse our site and learn how to make your friendships stronger!

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    When a friendship is broken, it is not easy to rebuild it. The deeper the friendship is, the more difficult it is to repair it. If the friendship is just starting out,...
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    If you have a friend that is somewhat terminally ill or has a sickness that requires a lot of help, something that you cannot manage alone then you will definitely...
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    It's ordinarily hard to know if someone is lying to you, but in fact there are tell-tale signs of lying that everyone exhibits in a lie.
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    When you move to a new area, you need a few tricks to help you meet people, whether for friendship, business, or dating.
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  • How To Help a Codependent

    A codependent person can never escape the cycle of codependency and become their best selves unless we take steps to help them.
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    It's okay to get angry, but not to stay angry. Stop yourself from doing any harm with these steps to calm yourself when you've gotten angry.
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    Put your old relationship behind you so that you can move on to a new one with these tips on how to get over a boyfriend or girlfriend.
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    Want to send a special thank-you? Create your own notes with a simple stamp. Here's how to make a thank-you card with rubber stamps.
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    Do some people, even friends, annoy you? Find tips for dealing with a frustrating person. Here’s how to ditch an annoying friend or acquaintance.
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    In these busy times it can be hard to reach out to meet people for friendship or love. Here are tips on how to find bisexual people in your community.
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    Would you like to learn how to curtsy? Impress your friends with these tips for curtsying properly. Here's how to curtsy.
  • How To Avoid Loneliness

    Loneliness and isolation from people is a stressful feeling that can lead to physical and mental disorders. Read on to discover how to avoid loneliness.
  • How To Be Genuine

    Being often accept others as they seem. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to present the real version of yourself. Here's how to drop your phony ways and be yourself.
  • How To Avoid Confrontation

    It isn't always possible to avoid confrontation, but follow these tips on prevention and reparation.
  • How To Use Small Talk to Start Effective Communication

    If you want to be successful in your profession, business, or personal life, learn how to start an effective communication with a small talk.
  • How To Forgive a Friend After a Fight

    Friendships are worth the effort. Learn how to forgive a friend after a fight with these wise tips.
  • How To Get over a Long Term Relationship

    Trying to get over a break up? Get tips for dealing with a break up from a long relationship. Here's how to get over a long term relationship.
  • How To Spot a Scorpio

    Need help spotting a Scorpio? Use these tips to find people with traits from the Scorpio zodiac sign. Here's how to spot a Scorpio.
  • How To Stop Holding Grudges

    Holding a grudge does you no good. It can ruin your relationships and drive away your friends. Instead of holding onto your anger, confront the problem and solve it.
  • How To Stop Being Jealous

    If jealousy is coming between you and your partner, ask yourself why. Has your partner earned your distrust, or do you lack self-esteem to believe you won't be betrayed?
  • How To Stop Being Over Sensitive

    If you are too sensitive, other people will hurt your feelings without meaning to. This can cause conflict that damages friendship, marriage and other relationships.
  • How To Stop Arguing in a Relationship

    Arguments are part of a relationship. You can't always agree. Not resolving a conflict can cause depression and insomnia. Listen to your partner, and apologize if you...
  • How To Stop an Argument

    You can end an argument by using interpersonal skills. Listen, be open-minded and consider the other person's feelings. Conflict is unavoidable. Try for a win-win...
  • How To Fix a Bad Reputation

    Need help fixing a bad reputation? Change your reputation with these tips. Here’s how to fix a bad reputation.
  • How To End a Friendship Tactfully

    Need help ending a friendship? Get tips to help you resolve conflict with friends tactfully. Here’s how to end a friendship tactfully.
  • How To Respond When Verbally Attacked

    Almost all of us have experienced being verbally attacked at least once in our lives. Knowing how to respond to verbals attacks can protect us from emotional harm.
  • How To Rebuild a Good Reputation in the Community

    You can rebuild your good reputation by responding to circumstances after having committed a mistake or a bad decision. Consider the following pointers.
  • How To Deliver Classy Insults

    A few well-chosen words can do the trick and bring a person a peg or two down and leave her gaping. Here are some ways to deliver classy insults.
  • How To Deal with a Potentially Violent Person

    Here are some things to watch out for when dealing with a person whom you think is potentially violent and how you deal with a potentially violent person.
  • How To Deal with Insults

    While you can’t prevent people from making insulting remarks about you, you can do something to lessen the impact of the insult. Here are some tips.
  • How To Deal with Confrontation

    Let’s hope this never happens, but just in case it does, here are some quick tips on how to deal with a confrontation.
  • How To Confront a Roommate

    It is never easy to confront someone about issues, but there are a few things that may help you when you are faced with roommate problems.
  • How To Comfort a Grieving Person

    Be patient and understanding with the grieving person, and be careful that you would not hurt them anymore than they already are.
  • How To Negotiate a Win-Win Conflict Resolution

    Negotiating for a win-win conflict resolution can be difficult if the two parties are not willing to talk civilly. Negotiate a compromise with these tips.
  • How To not Treat Unemployed Family and Friends

    If the tables turn and you find yourself on the unemployment line, you’ll want to be treated with kindness and respect too.
  • How To not be Intimidated by Other Girls

    Here are a few things to remember to help ease your stress and not be intimidated by other girls.