How To Appear Confident

Confidence makes a difference. It could mean the difference between landing a job you have been dreaming of or lining up on the unemployment line in social services. It could also spell the difference between happily ever after with the girl of your dreams or a lonely night home with a bottle of whiskey watching old movies on your television. Confidence can get you places.  Having enough confidence may be all you need to achieve what you want in your life.

The only difference between you and all the successful people in the world is that they have confidence in their abilities. Madonna believed she was the best singer or entertainer, Obama believes he will be the best president out there, and Donald Trump thinks his hair trumps anyone else’s. But how exactly do you get that confidence? Hopefully we can light your path with this guide to becoming more confident.

  1. Make lists. This is a three-part process which begins with a look into who you are.  First make a list of all the things that set you apart from the rest. This will help you focus on the good things you have going on instead of the things that have gone wrong. Then look at the things you enjoy doing. What are you passionate about? With passion will come hard work and in most cases, improvement. These special talents will go a long way to feed your ego and boost your confidence. Then look at the people you admire the most. What makes them so successful? Try to watch for things that set them apart and then emulate their actions to make you a better person.
  2. You are important and appreciated. People usually shy away from compliments. I think it makes them feel that they do not deserve the compliment. Take yourself away from that thinking and happily accept the compliment--just don’t get a fat head. Another thing, remember that you matter. If you have something to say, force yourself to say it clearly and loudly. You can do this without sounding angry. If somebody contradicts what you say, do not just shy away. Stick up for what you believe in. Listen to what he has to say and acknowledge if he has a valid point, but follow it up with your counterpoint.
  3. Look and feel the part. In order to be confident, you have to look confident. Remember to practice good hygiene. Wear clothes that fit you well. You don’t have to spend a fortune but it would be nice to wear something that you did not get as a hand-me-down. Eating healthy is also important. Studies show that the healthier you are, the more confident you feel. You don’t have to starve yourself. Just eat right and the rest will follow.
  4. Move towards your goal. This enforces that you are moving in the right direction. Having a purpose and a goal is great to feed your confidence. Start with the little things like the stuff you have been putting off for later. The more things you accomplish, the better you feel.

To feel more confident is a blessing so enjoy it when you achieve it. By becoming more confident, you can achieve more and become even more successful. Who knows? In a few years, you might see yourself as better than the old real estate tycoon, Donald Trump.


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