How To Buy Educational Birthday Gifts

Kids always get giddy and anxious for their birthdays to arrive.  The gifts are what make them feel that way, of course.  Giving toys as birthday gifts for children is a given but, nowadays, most parents would like to lessen the toys in the toy chest and focus more on educational items for their children.  Parents want their children to enjoy their childhood and, at the same time, teach them that learning is fun. 
The dilemma is then left to the gift-giver; should he give in to the birthday kid’s desire to have a new toy or to the parents’ wish of having more educational stuff for their child?  The ultimate solution for this dilemma is to buy a toy that is cool, and at the same time, educational!  Popular educational toy choices are board games, science kits, puzzles, interactive books, and educational video games.
Make the birthday celebrator feel special by buying an educational gift that is well-suited to his or her interests.  This is quite easy if the child is a relative, a family friend, or someone who gets to see your child every day.  If this is not the case, then, it is best to ask the parents what the interests of the child are.  Is their child into music and arts or into kinaesthetic activities?  Once you have this basic information, you can head to the store for the buying task.  At least, now you will not have to roam around the store and you just have to focus on gifts that will cater to the child’s interest.

If you have kids, bring them on your trip to the store.  What you think is cool may not be cool to kids nowadays!  It will be better to ask your kids’ opinions on what’s in and what’s not in the kid scene.  A word of caution though, be careful to not let your children spill the beans to the birthday kid, if you know what I mean.  
If you do not have children yet, ask a fellow parent to come along with you.  At least she will have a general idea on what kids may like.  A parent will also naturally know the type of gift that is fun to play with, yet, non-violent and educational.  This will also be the same if you personally know a teacher or someone who is actively working with kids most of the time.
If you do not have someone to come along with you, you are left with the option of approaching the salesperson in-charge.  Normally, he will be very knowledgeable on the features of the educational toy or gadget you are eyeing.  Ask him to demonstrate how the toy works.
Lastly, before you go straight to the cash register with your find, make these considerations:

  • Is it age-appropriate?
  • Are there detachable pieces that may cause choking for younger children?
  • Is it lead-free?
  • Is the brand a reliable one?
  • Is there a warranty and service center available (for educational gadgets)?


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