Choosing a Restaurant for Graduation Dinner

Graduation can be an exciting yet chaotic time for the graduate and their family.  Among the many plans for graduation celebrations is choosing a restaurant.  These tips should help you find the best fit for everyone on the big day.

  • First and foremost, consider the budget.  Determining how much you are willing to spend on the meal will help narrow your choices considerably.  Find a restaurant that everyone on the guest list can enjoy, and one that you can still afford.
  • Ask the graduate about the menu.  Does the graduate have a favorite food?  Does he/she favor a particular type of restaurant? If so, use this as a guide to choose the right one.  Find out about ordering their favorite food.
  • Speaking of food, consider selecting a buffet-style restaurant.  This will be sure to have something on the menu for everyone.Often, these are cheaper than specialty restaurants as well.
  • Call ahead to see if reservations will be necessary.  Many restaurants require reservations to be made for formal events such as graduation dinners.  If so, it will be important to know how many people are on your guest list to make the right number of reservations.
  • Decide what kind of atmosphere the graduate will want.  Along with the type of food, the atmosphere plays a big role in the graduate's experience.  Choose a restaurant that will provide the right atmosphere that will fit everyone's taste.
  • If anyone is vegetarian or diabetic, find out ahead of time about special requests.  Ask the manager if the restaurant will be able to provide vegetarian meals or handle special dietary requests you may have.
  • In addition to dietary requests, check out the cleanliness.  If the servers are not able to keep the tables clean, chances are the kitchen staff will do no better.  If the restaurant is not clean, avoid it altogether.
  • Another option to consider is catering the dinner at the restaurant.  Speak with management about reserving a room exclusively for your event.  Catering minimizes the work in both cooking and cleaning.  All of it is done for you and the time can be spent with loved ones.
  • Don't forget to ask about discounts.  Many caterers or even restaurants offer discounts for large events such as graduation or prom.  A discount can do nothing but help your budget.

Make graduation a celebration to remember by carefully choosing the right restaurant.  Hopefully, these tips will make the choice considerably easier.


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