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Party invitations are a big deal. There are so many things to plan and prepare for a party: the venue, the guest list, the party favors, decorations, theme and the food. But have you thought about the invitations? Is it okay to just send an email invitation, or should you just buy invitation cards from the bookstore or grocery store near you? If you're on a budget, like to make your own invitations, and if you want control, you can download free templates online, and print these yourselves.

Whether it is for a birthday celebration, bridal shower, or a baby shower, the invitation play an important role in whether your guests will be interested in attending. Sometimes people decide on their attendance based on the appearance of the card. An invitation sends a statement about the party itself.

You can do a search for websites that offer downloadable and free invitation templates for invitation cards. Even though you're getting the template online, you can still make printed invitations from it. Some already have wordings. With some, you have to fill in the words yourself. Here are a few places you can look for free templates for party invitations.

  1. -'s blank party printables has templates not only for the invitations, but also for the favor bag or box and napkin ring, party hat, place card and tag. The site contains other useful articles and guides for different arts and crafts that the whole family can do. These free party invitation templates are very good if you are planning a party for school-aged children, as they would most likely be excited in helping out with designing and printing invitations.
  2. Hoover Web Design - Hoover Web Design lets you download customizable PDFs, which you can edit and print out. These come in various themes. Some examples include holiday-themed invitations, which would be ideal for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Halloween. You can also choose invitations according to purpose. For instance, you can find an invitation template for a graduation party, barbecue cookout, etc. The site also offers other tips related to making invitations. For instance, it has an easy guide on how to make your own envelopes.
  3. Google Images - Invitation templates don't have to come from a single source. In fact, you can actually exercise your creativity by first searching for interesting images on Google. Log in to and type in some keywords for the theme or event you are planning. For instance, "party invitation Disney" will yield several image results with online invitations that have Disney characters. Some of these are already formatted, and you can just add some text to the image using Photoshop or any other image editor. You can also print the image and fill in the details.

Here are a few tips when using free templates for making your invitation.

  1. Consider your guests. If you are inviting 9-year-olds to a birthday party you want your card to be colorful and interesting to them. Make sure the design of the invitation card will appeal to the people you are inviting.
  2. Don't overcrowd. Make sure you keep your words simple and clear. You also have to make sure that the wordings are easily read. Some templates may have formatting or graphics on them that would make it hard to read what is on the card. You may want to include the dress code for your party so that the guests aren't left wondering.
  3. Send the cards on time. Give your guests plenty of time so they can plan ahead and put your party on their calendar. You may even want to send out party invites that act as a save the date. Make sure they get the invitation two to three weeks before the actually party.
  4. Include your contact details. Your guests might have some questions about the party and may want to confirm with you on their attendance. You can also include a small map, so guests will not have difficulty finding the venue.
  5. Use quality paper. If you are printing your invitation cards, use good quality paper. Again, the cards are a statement of what your party is going to be like. Make sure that you have plenty of ink on your printer cartridges.

Most of all, have fun! Partying is about having fun, enjoying the company of friends, and entertaining. Don't get too stressed out in designing and printing your invitations. It's a process you should enjoy.


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