How To Get Good Gifts for Librarians

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Do you happen to have the good fortune of knowing a librarian? Librarians can be some of the most interesting people. They usually love a good book, and because they're so well read, they can make educated conversationalists. If you're especially close with a librarian, like any friend, you're going to want to give him gifts for those special occasions.

But why are there specific gifts for librarians? Shouldn't they be treated just like everyone else?

The best advice is still to give them something you know they'll appreciate. The perfect gift comes from knowing the person, from his likes and dislikes, to funny stories you two have shared in the past. If you really want to get a good gift for a librarian, you're going to want to give him something you're sure he'll love.

  • For instance, most librarians love books - that's primarily the reason why they chose to work among thousands of books, magazines and newspapers everyday. Find a book you know he'll appreciate and one you're sure he hasn't read yet. Get sneaky and try to squeeze some information out of him. You might just learn that he's never read the original Grimm's Fairy Tales. In that case, you can find many compilations of the stories printed as they were written. If your friend's taste is a little quirkier, go through the Internet and look for more offbeat titles, such as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The key is to find something that he's really into, and then give him a book about it.
  • If your pal is really into books, then chances are he tends to read at night. Being a librarian is busier work than you think, and while most of his time is spent in the library, the only leisure reading time he might have is right before he goes to bed. In that case, he'd appreciate a tiny book light. You can find battery-operated ones that clip themselves onto the book for convenient nighttime reading.
  • Librarians tend to be people of words. Take advantage of that fact the next time you want to give them a fun gift. Games like Scrabble and Literati are a blast to play, and the method of play is something close to a librarian's heart.
  • If your friend is a librarian and proud of it, you may want to consider giving him librarian-themed gifts. You can find a librarian action figure and librarian-themed temporary tattoos at He's bound to get a kick out of these goofy presents. At their very worst, they're worth a good laugh.
  • Maybe the librarian in your life would like some librarian-themed buttons to pin on his bag? Perhaps he'd like to dress up in a librarian-themed t-shirt or sweater? You can find these and other accessories and articles of clothing in's gifts in the librarians catalog

Again, it's best if you really know whom you're giving the present to. Find a gift that best fits his personality, and it'll be very much appreciated.


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