How To Adopt a Child from India

Although it is less common for families to adopt children from India, it is certainly something that should be considered.  There are more than 11 million children, mostly girls, who are abandoned in India.  Even worse, there are several newborn babies that are being dumped each week because their mothers simply cannot afford to take care of them.  The futures of these children become grimmer each day.

In order to adopt a child from India, a couple must be financially secure.  That means having a stable income, adequate housing and adequate funds to provide for a child.  A couple must be together for five years or more and be between the ages of 30 to 55 years old.  While it is possible for a single person to adopt a child from India, at this time same-sex couples cannot.

To get started in your journey to adopt a child from India, you first need find a reputable adoption agency in your own country.  Make sure that the agency is recognized by the Indian Central Adoption Resource Agency.

Also check with the adoption agencies eligibility requirements, as they all have different criteria you will have to meet.  For example, some agencies require that at least one of the adoptive parents is of Indian descent.  That is why it is best to narrow down your search to several adoption agencies before choosing just one.

Once you have found an adoption agency to work with, you will then be required to undergo a home study.  A home study is done by a social worker who comes to the home to assess various things.  The social worker will either be provided for you on behalf of the adoption agency, or you will have to find your own social worker.

For the home study, the social worker will look at your family’s financial situation, the health of your family members and how apt you are to taking care of a child.  The social worker will take many factors into consideration, so be prepared to offer a lot of personal information.  This is only to ensure that the child will be placed in a good home.

Once the home study is completed, it is sent to a placement agency in India.  Priority is always given to those adoptive couples who live in India first, which makes it longer and harder for other couples to adopt.  When everything has been cleared however, the couple is granted permission to adopt a child from India.  The process takes about 2 to 13 months to complete, but these are ideal time frames.

When you have received clearance to travel to India, you may do so to adopt your child.  Some adoption agencies may even provide you with an escort that will bring your new child home to you.


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