How To Adopt a Grandparent

Adopt a Grandparent programs are primarily focused on helping seniors have the opportunity to interact, have fun and share stories with the younger peers. It also aims to improve the seniors' living conditions. In the US, these programs are being supported by senior organizations, senior centers and nursing homes.

There are a lot of programs available to adopt a grandparent, and allocating a few hours of your week for these programs will help the seniors cope up with depression, stress, and other health concerns they are suffering from due to old age.

However, in choosing for the right program to participate in, it is best to assess your availability. Check and assess how many hours you can commit in a week to participate in these programs and come up with a sustainable plan for the whole month. Remember, volunteerism is a commitment and proper planning will help us in attaining our objective. But don't let this requirement hold you back. If it's not possible for you to plan ahead on a monthly basis, then you may initially come up with a one week plan.

To help you effectively plan for this commitment, below are some of the Adopt a Grandparent programs that you can get involved in.

Volunteerism - Visit a senior center or a nursing home facility and volunteer to spend time with a senior. The senior center staff will be more than happy to assist and will introduce you to some of the seniors that are open to interact. However, you may be requested to fill out some forms and undergo an interview so they can assess who to introduce you. Once you are introduced, take effort to get to know them and it is important for you to take your time and enjoy the conversation. Although the conversation may seem uncomfortable at first, just relax and rest assured that the next visits will be much better.  You will be surprised at all the interesting stories they can share with you.

Make a donation - Globally, programs for the elderly are being supported by different organizations. These programs help seniors improve their living condition, their health and mental state and provide other ways to assist them in having a more comfortable life. To help support these programs, you can make a donation of any amount directly to the organizations. However, be cautious in choosing an organization. It is best to investigate and research on the legitimacy of the organization before making a donation.

Be their writing pal - Write a letter or send an email to the seniors you know and ask how they are. A simple note or a letter with your stories will make them really happy. Be open and include questions that will encourage them to write back. Be careful in choosing the words and write in a loving and polite manner. If you want to know more seniors, there are some websites for senior citizens that can help you search for seniors looking for a writing pal.


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