How To Adopt Quickly

Whether you are looking to start or expand your family, adopting can be a long and exhausting process.  And while you recognize that you will have to wait some time in order to adopt a child, waiting years may be completely out of the question.

In order to adopt a child quickly, you must find a reputable agency to help you on your journey, while also keeping an open mind about the child you adopt.  To find an agency, you can start by looking online or in the Yellow Pages.  If possible, also ask for the recommendations of friends and family, especially if they’ve had experience with the adoption process.

Another way to locate a reputable adoption agency is to access a copy of the National Adoption Directory from the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse.  Once you have narrowed down your search, make sure that the adoption agency you have chosen is licensed and doesn’t have any complaints filed against them.

Having an adoption agency will help you to adopt a child quicker, while also assisting you with the legal issues the surround an adoption.  In the meantime, there are other things you can do to help you adopt a child quickly.

Consider the age of the child you would like to adopt.  Generally, infants are harder to adopt and also take more time.  If you want to adopt quickly, consider adopting a child who is a bit older than an infant.  Even toddlers can be adopted faster and still require the same loving care that a newborn would.

Also take into account the places you can adopt from.  Domestic adoptions are often most favored, but can take quite a long time.  Think about adopting internationally, but also consider the countries where you will be adopting from.  Some of the quickest countries to adopt from include Asia and Ethiopia.

If your budget allows, one of the fastest ways to adopt a child is by hiring an adoption lawyer.  An adoption lawyer works with domestic women who are pregnant and choosing to have their child adopted.  This is also the most expensive method and includes paying for the lawyer costs, the birth of the baby and other types of miscellaneous costs that the birth mother will incur.

Lastly, you can adopt a child quicker by taking on a child in foster care.  Children in foster care tend to be a bit older, but are in desperate need of a loving home and family.  To get started, register with an online network that will help you adopt a child faster.  These networks will handle phone calls and also get into contact with foster care organizations.

Even when adopting a child in foster care, it is important to have a trusted adoption lawyer.  Your lawyer can help assist you when dealing with legal issues and also make sure that the adoption process is going as planned.


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