How To Announce the Birth of a Baby

Nowadays, there are so many possibilities for you to get your news known, at a very low cost - or even for free! If you are looking to find ways to announce the birth of your new baby, here are some great ideas for you to try:

  • Create a Facebook fan page. This could be one of the easiest steps for you to try out. Not only will this allow you to broadcast your news to the general public, this would also allow you to effectively document the key events of your child’s birth (her first picture; the local, national and world events that happened during her birthday, etc). You could then invite your friends to be a fan, and they could send all their comments and congratulations on this page.
  • Send an email. Of course, you could send an email to your family and friends informing them about the special event. To make it more creative and personalized, you could write the news in newspaper form; you could use a tool such as Microsoft Office Publisher to help you easily write the news in newsletter form.
  • Assign a close friend to call up everybody for you. You might want to assign the first few days after your labor to complete rest for both you and your baby, and in that case you should assign a close friend to make all the announcements for you. You could give her a list of contact numbers to call and inform them of the news; you could also set a date for a party where you would introduce your new baby to the world. Have your friend inform everybody of this date, as well.
  • Take out an ad in the local newspaper. You could commission an artistic friend to design a small ad for you, complete with your baby’s picture. Have your baby’s full name and the details of her birth included in the ad. Not only will people know about your baby’s birth, it’s something that you could proudly show her once she grows up (“Look honey, you made the papers just by being born!”).
  • Tell one or two key members of your friends and family. You could inform a family member and a friend, and you could count on them to spread the word around. Make sure that this person you will assign to be the messenger can reliably get the message – along with the correct details – across.
  • Make cards. Through tools as simple as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office Publisher, you could design creative cards that you could mail to your close family and friends. Add interesting catchphrases such as, “What a Babe!” or, “Package just arrived.” Feel free to unleash your creativity and broadcast this great news with a flourish!

There you have it! These are just some of the best ways for you to announce your new baby’s arrival. This happy event is really worth broadcasting, as the beginning of new life is something that should be met with happiness and excitement. Good luck, and hope this helped!


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