How To Ask a Man to Marry You

Relationships can be complicated but sometimes you know that the man in your life is the perfect one for you. When this happens and you cannot wait another day to join your life to his, you might consider making the proposal yourself. Follow these steps to ask a man to marry you.

  1. Don't steal his thunder. If you've been hinting for months and your boyfriend hasn't popped the question you may just have to be patient. Check in with his friends if you think he might be considering his own proposal. If you take away his chance and plan to ask you, the relationship balance of power could be upset for your entire future relationship.
  2. Have a plan. Just because you are a woman asking a man for marriage doesn't mean you don't have to pull out all the stops. Reversing roles is becoming common these days but doing so doesn't mean removing the romance. Know what your guy feels about romance and makes him feel loved so you can make it part of your plan.
  3. Set the scene. Take the man to his favorite upscale restaurant or on his favorite romantic date. Use dates from early in your relationship that meant a lot to both of you. Choose a location that has meaning for both of you. Then dress yourself up so you look like the man's perfect fantasy image of you. Men enjoy romance as much as women so put out the candles and flowers to decorate your home or apartment for after he accepts the proposal.
  4. Choose a symbol. When a man proposes to a woman he usually has a ring picked out and slips it on her finger the instant she says yes. The engagement ring is the symbol of the couple's engagement and the unbroken link between two lovers. While the woman may wear the engagement ring, that doesn't mean you have to provide one for the proposal. If you are intent on giving a gift to mark the occasion, then choose a symbol of your love for each other. It can be as classic as a simple ring or more creative. Buy him a watch or get symbolic tattoos. Whatever you choose, make it something that is meaningful for both of you.
  5. Pop the question. Now that you have chosen the perfect location, set the scene and decided what symbol will represent your commitment, you are ready to take the plunge. Look your man in the eyes, focus on him and take his hand in yours. Once he is focused solely on you, tell him how you feel. Express your love and respect for him as well as your desire to share a life together. Then take a breath and ask the question. Don't rush the words. Say them calmly to give the meaning weight then lean close while he takes a moment to respond.

Taking the chance and proposing marriage to the man you love is risky but if done right can give both you and your future husband a great story to share for generations to come. Throughout the process remember the reasons you want to marry the man and keep those in your mind so you can plan a perfect proposal.


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