How To Ask Guests to Save the Date

If you are planning a big event, say your wedding perhaps, you may want to make sure that your guests save the date for the event.   One of the newer innovations in stationery items is the Save the Date card.  This type of card is now popularly included in the roster of stationery items for events which include: invitations, RSVP cards, seating cards and more.

Save the Date cards are more lighthearted in tone than your formal invitation.  The purpose of the Save the Date card is to give your guests an extra reminder to keep the date for your event open. The Save the Date card is different from the RSVP card.  The RSVP card is usually given together with the invitation.

Save the Date cards are not only used for weddings.  They can also be sent so Save the Date for your Mom’s 75th birthday party, your son’s graduation, someone’s family reunion, bar mitzvahs, an anniversary and many more important occasions.

For weddings for instance, invitations are sent at least 2 months in advance.  Sending a Save the Date card as soon as you have set your wedding date will give your guest ample time to plan and arrange their schedules.  Save the Dates notices are usually given 6 – 9 months prior to the wedding.  For a destination wedding, you should even give a longer notice to your guests.

If you want to ask your guests to Save the Date for your event, this is what you need to do:

1.    Have Save the Date cards printed even before the formal invitations.  This type of card need not match your formal invitation.  Since you send Save the Date cards ahead of formal invitations, you probably haven’t chosen the design for the invitation anyway.

Include the following information on the card:

  • Name
  • Event
  • Date of event
  • Place of event

You can also add your contact number as well as the line: “Invitation to follow.” If you have any other details that may be useful to your guest, by all means include these details.  Remember, a Save the Date card is informal.  For couples who are having a destination wedding, they can include information about the hotel, transportation service (plane, boat, train, etc), and something about the local area as well.

2.    Send the Save the Date cards to your guests.   You don’t need to send a card to all your potential guests.  Only send to those whom you are sure to invite.

Cards are not the only means of letting your guests know which date they should keep open for you.  Because Save the Date is a fun concept, others opt to send:

  • Save the Date magnets – so guests will see the date every time they go to the refrigerator
  • Save the Date notes - with brochures related to the trip
  • Scratch Off cards – wherein the guests scratch off the portion where the event date is printed
  • Postcards – which costs less than mailing a card

If you are on a tight budget, you can go as far as sending an email, a fun e-card or a slide presentation informing your guests to save the date of your event. 

There are many fun and creative ways of asking your guests to Save the Date.  It is a good way to let them know of your upcoming event way in advance so they can plan their schedules. 


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