How To Avoid Loneliness

Separation, divorce, death, relocation can make a person feel lonely even if there are other people around him or her. Loneliness is a stressful feeling that can lead to other physical and mental disorders if the person feeling lonely does not do anything to ease the loneliness. If you are feeling lonely and do not know what to do, take a look at some if the ideas below on how to avoid loneliness.

  • Know and understand why you are feeling lonely. You have to understand that it is all right to be alone and that you there are numerous people around you who are feeling the same way you do. Determine the cause of the loneliness and accept the fact that there are things beyond your control.
  • Look for a community group that is engaged in personal enrichment where you can learn a new hobby, a new craft or a new skill. Joining a group and meeting new people and engaging in new activities will help you forget your loneliness. Look for a hobby that you really want to try and develop friendships with like-minded people.
  • Take up exercise and regain your vigor. Loneliness can make you listless and uninterested in keeping healthy and alert. Exercise will make you active once again and the increased oxygen intake and blood circulation will relieve you of your stress.  You will be able to connect with people again and make exercising more fun and east. It will remove your feeling of isolation and ease your loneliness.
  • Get in touch with old friends and rekindle your friendship. With so many things in common because you have been friends for a long time you will have fun reminiscing the good times you have had before and you will not have time to dwell on things that make you sad and lonely.
  • Accept social invitations especially during the holidays. Do not think of past holidays with someone or people who are no longer there and instead remain positive and go out to meet new friends and have fun.
  • Volunteer in community activities that will entail working and dealing with people. You may have a skill that you can teach to children or the senior members of your community. This will give you the chance to know your neighbors and the community as a whole better and find like-minded people who can become your support group. Be open to making friends and supporting others less fortunate than you.
  • Enrich your knowledge and enroll in a new short course. No one is too old to learn and you may find it profitable, too if you take a course or courses that you can use to start a business. Choose courses that you are greatly interested in and related to your career.
  • Get a pet, like a dog that will encourage you to go out. A dog needs to be taken out for a walk or a short run. This will allow you to meet other pet owners and as your dog socialize with other dogs it will be inevitable for you to start a conversation with other dog owners. A dog can also be a very loyal companion. There are also proven positive health benefits in owning and caring for a dog.

Always keep a positive state of mind. Whenever you feel down or you feel loneliness setting in make sure that you go out even if it is just to have coffee somewhere or browse the shops. Do not stay at home alone. Find ways to amuse yourself and make sure there is always a crowd. Better yet, why not call a friend and spend the day together?


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