How To Be a Good Grandmother

Granddaughter hugging grandmother

Being a doting grandmother can be very tiring. It can be difficult to refrain from spoiling all your grandchildren. Here are some tips on how you can be a terrific grandmother to your grandkids.

  1. Bond with your grandchild. Make time for your grandchildren. Volunteer to baby sit for those little ones. Bring toys that the children will enjoy. You may want to check the websites and even go to the department store to search for those toys that are good for your grandkids. Play with them, or read to them. You may also want to take them to the park.
  2. Teach them what is good and bad. As a grandmother, you should make an effort to teach good manners. You may want to train them to say thank you every time they receive a gift, or when a request was done for them. Teach them to be polite and courteous. Enforce the rules set by their parents. Learn to say no to them when needed. Love your grandchildren but do not spoil them too much.
  3. Offer advice to parents as needed. Sometimes grandmothers may disagree with the decisions of their children on how the kids should be brought up. It is important to remember that it is the parents who should make decisions for their children, and not the grandparents. Just offer your child advice on parenting when you are asked. Do not contradict or argue with the parents in front of the grandchildren.
  4. Follow the rules set by the parents. Ask your child what rules your grandchildren should follow. If the kids should be in bed by 10 o'clock, then you should make sure that the kids are in bed by 10 pm. Respect and follow the rules set by the children's parents.
  5. Teach them new things. The next time you drop by your child's house, you may want to bring some educational toys for your grandchild. You can bring little items for him to play with. You can bring crayons and coloring books, or you can take him out to the street, and teach him how to bike. If your grandchildren are a bit older, you can teach them how to cook, how to bake or how to take good photographs. Let the kids learn something new the next time you spend time with them.
  6. Take good care of your health. How do you expect to play with your grandchildren if you easily feel tired? How can you teach them how to bike when you're already out of breath? Stamina is also needed in running around with your delightful grandchildren. As a grandmother, you need to pay very close attention to what those little ones are doing, or else these kids might end up getting physically hurt.

Being a grandmother can be very tiring yet very exciting. Do your best to keep up with the energy of those kids without hurting yourself. Be sure to have some fun while you're out attending to your duties as a grandmother.


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