How To Be a Housewife

The term housewife is rarely used these days, given the emergence of corporate career women/mothers. But nothing beats the home manned by a very competent housewife. While you as an aspiring housewife may have to give up many things for yourself, the perks include having a fulfilling family life and leaving a heritage of properly raising individuals in society. Here are the steps to help you become a very successful housewife:

  1. Be the temporal affairs expert. That includes cooking and household chores. You can choose not to do them on your own and have your kids take turns (as long as they are of age, this is good training for them for adulthood). You need to be able to do most of the domestic tasks within a given day. Your work may not be the type with titles but it actually may be more harrowing than corporate or clerical tasks that career women are known for.
  2. Manage your time. The good thing about being a housewife is that you are the boss of your time. But then, your time is for your family and not exclusively yours. What you do with your time affects not only you, but also your kids and your husband. Manage your time accordingly.
  3. Keep your kids’ and husband’s health in check. Make sure that you are able to keep up with dental, medical and other appointments that will keep your whole family in good shape. These things are valuable especially since it will help you avoid health disasters and needless hospitalizations. 
  4. Learn home remedies. You can’t always expect the convenience store to give you everything. Some saline solution like a pinch of salt and warm water may do wonders for the throat as well as a huge dose of antibiotic. Learn home remedies and you will save more. 
  5. Cultivate a happy home atmosphere. Keep the love and joy alive in the home by engaging the entire family with activities such as games, wholesome discussions at the dining table and many others. Sure, you will need the help of your entire family. But it is ideal for you to initiate and get things rolling.
  6. Plan your menu in advance. What your family eats dictates what they are, physically. Make sure you have a menu that follows the healthy daily allowance standards.
  7. Set recreation schedules outside the home. While you make an effort to make home very happy, make sure there is still time and budget for outdoor recreation. Camping, malling and other trips enhance your bonds as a family.
  8. Learn the SSS: Sewing, small repairs and superb decorations. Your husband will not always be there to do the minor plumbing tasks. Some of your kids’ clothing may need a little fine tuning. And your home may need a makeover from time to time. Learn the necessary skills to be able to work more independently.
  9. Be practical with the budget. Employ budgeting software. Pay your bills on time to avoid any disconnection issues. And make sure that the family has an emergency fund.
  10. Don’t neglect yourself. You might have to fulfill roles as a wife and mother. But that does not mean you need to lose your whole being and sanity as you do so. Schedule your me time and make it non-negotiable.


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