How To Be a Popular Girl

Have you ever wanted to be the popular girl? The wish is not just for schoolgirls and teenagers. Girls and women everywhere occasionally want to be popular. You, too, can be one of the popular girls if you follow these steps.

  1. Be social. This means smile and say hello to the people you meet wherever you are. You have to get out. Go to parties, join a club or volunteer. Get out and meet new people.
  2. Have confidence. No matter who you are, you have qualities that make you interesting. Your confidence will draw others to you.
  3. Get involved and participate. If you are shy or not inclined to join clubs and organizations, being popular may not be for you. Start by participating in group discussions. Get to know the friends of your friends. Sometimes it is easier to meet people when you are hanging out in a group. Your friends probably want to be popular girls, too. Pay attention to what is going on around you, and then get involved.
  4. Have fun. While movies may show the popular girls as mean or rude, this isn’t always true in real life. The popular girls are well known because they are fun. Show you know how to laugh and have fun. Fun can be contagious.
  5. Make a variety of friends. Popular girls are not liked by a small, select group of people. They are liked by a lot of people. Widen your circle of friends to include anyone who wants to join. When you meet someone new, reach out to get to know her and her friends, no matter what group she is in.
  6. Be friendly and approachable. Chat with the people you meet. When you are approachable, others will head your way. When you show you can be a friend, people will be interested in getting to know you better.
  7. Dare to start a new trend. This one is risky but can pay off in popularity. If fashion appeals to you, take advantage of your hobby by starting a new trend with your wardrobe. If people poke fun at first, just get some of your friends to join in. The people who like you may follow you.
  8. Resist the urge to be mean or gossip. Almost every movie you see about popularity shows the girls being mean to everyone. Movies are fake, and they won’t win you friends. Resist gossip and making fun of other people. You may get a few laughs, but in the long run, you will alienate too many people. Being a nice, friendly person is more likely to help you make friends.

You can be a popular girl and still be true to yourself. Have fun being a girl, hanging out with friends and getting to know as many people as you can. With your attitude and smile, you will find yourself popular.


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