How To Be a Secret Pal by Mail

Becoming a secret pal by mail can help you spend your time and build relationships while maintaining anonymity. Online secret pal websites such as Angel Winks Secret Pal Post Card Shoppe enables you to send anonymous friendly letters online without having to reveal yourself. In the offline world or through snail mail, this may prove to be more difficult. Whatever your purpose, here are the steps in your quest of becoming a very impressive secret pal by mail:

  1. Prepare your tools. You need to have a stock of stationery, pens and other items. These will help you prepare for your secret pal mission. You might have to replenish your supply from time to time. If you really want to be a secret pal to a lot of people, you might have to set aside a budget for stationery and other artistic ways of expressing your love and your care.
  2. Handwriting is a factor. If you will be using your own handwriting in your dominant hand, you might be easily recognized. Find a way to modify your handwriting. Or if you can afford it, try to get a decent computer font, which looks close to handwritten styles. This way, you will remain anonymous and secret to the pal that you are trying to cheer up.
  3. Consider your delivery options. Make arrangements with the post office if you can. Or at least, find a way to deliver your letters to your intended recipients without having them discover that it’s you behind the secret letters.
  4. Vary your writing approach. You might also want to consider varied approaches. Alternate between lengthy letters and short but sweet lines. Don’t have a signature style that will give the recipients clues on your identity. Unless you really want to be discovered eventually, make sure that you use different strokes.
  5. Be consistent or set a schedule. Being a secret pal is beyond being a fair weather friend. You have to keep in touch in and out of season. This means that even when there are days when you run out of words, you still have to keep in touch and send something. You can also send items in place of words if you are really on a dry spell.
  6. Keep your intentions clearly stated. Since you are maintaining anonymity, your goal is to encourage and not to frighten the object of your affection. Keep placing assuring statements all throughout your letters so that you will not be passed off as a stalker.

There are many purposes for becoming a secret pal by mail. One is to help a sick friend recover by means of cheerful messages. Another is by expressing admiration for someone who may not be exactly receptive to your affections if you reveal yourself in your messages. Your purposes may differ over time, but that won’t keep you from enjoying becoming a secret pal who gives out encouragement without being necessarily recognized for it! 


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