How To Be Compatible with Virgo

A Virgo is a sun sign that is ruled by the planet Mercury. It is the zodiac sign for those born from August 24 to September 23. A true Virgo is someone who is a perfectionist, patient, realistic and practical. He is sincere and dependable but can be very critical. He is very observant and likes to have things in their proper places. To happily co-exist and be compatible with a Virgo you have to fully understand his characteristics, as outlined below.

  • He is not overly demonstrative and does not talk much but that does not mean that he ignores people he loves. It is just that he wants you to trust him because he sure is looking out for you. He is practical and lives in the real world where there are more things to be done than spending time constantly assuring you that he loves you because you can be sure that he is devoted to you.
  • If you are someone who does not mind having a messy place and cleans up when needed, then you better not get a Virgo as a partner. They love cleanliness to a fault and will spend hours making sure that everything is neat and tidy and in their proper place. They can nitpick. And they are very observant and always checking out details. Laziness and sloppiness are words that do not exist in a Virgo’s vocabulary. If you want to be compatible with a Virgo, start cleaning and maintain it and put back everything in place and keep busy.
  • Although very realistic and practical, a Virgo is also very conscious of how he looks like and will take the time to make his appearance, from his hair to the tips of his shoes as perfect as possible. They also look constantly worried and deep in thought and that is actually the truth because they are. This stems from his being a perfectionist and wants everything to be perfect at all times.
  • A person born under the sign of Virgo do not like attending parties because he likes to stay away from the crowd. He can be very critical of others as well as himself. They also do not like to waste money on frivolity. They are also finicky about what they eat and would always want to maintain a healthy diet.
  • A Virgo has a quirky sense of humor which tends to be on the dark side. He enjoys deep and intellectual conversations where he can show his intellect and extensive vocabulary. He does enjoy having a good laugh but it has to meet his conditions before he can indulge in it.
  • Although a Virgo can be very critical about other people, in times of need you can depend on him for help as a Virgo is capable of thinking clearly and finding logical solutions to most problems.
  • If you are one who likes to make an immediate decision bear in mind that a Virgo would like to take the time to analyze every detail about something and should be satisfied that every detail is in place before making a decision.

To be compatible with a Virgo you need to be intelligent, practical, steadfast and patient. You should be able to be very orderly and neat and should learn how to make a Virgo relax and lower his defenses so that you can enjoy happy and contented moments together. A Virgo woman will find good chemistry with a Taurus male. Also a good pairing will be a Virgo with a Libra.


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