How To Be Cool

Whether you are in high school or have entered the corporate world, being cool may still be a goal. From the outside, being cool looks like simple luck. The truth is that coolness takes work. If you follow these instructions, you too can be cool.

  1. Be who you are. The first step to cool is that you can’t fake who you are. Instead, you have to be yourself. Whether you like Shakespeare, cyber warfare or football doesn’t really matter as long as you are comfortable with whoever you are.
  2. Chill out and relax. Cool people are not stressed, worried or tense. Instead they are chill and can appear relaxed in any situation. Appearing cool requires that you refuse to let anything get to you.
  3. Let your confidence show. Confidence attracts people of all types. Make yours visible by walking with good posture and focus. Smile and be friendly, but try to maintain some mystery.
  4. Keep your mouth shut. Avoid offering personal information to strangers or chatting just to hear yourself talk. Your quiet helps you maintain mystery, which is cool. It also keeps people interested in getting to know more about you.
  5. Refuse to follow the crowd. Being cool does not always mean being popular. Instead of following the crowd, take your own path. Being independent is both attractive and cool.
  6. Practice your rebellion. Rebellions can be small or large. This doesn’t mean you have to experiment with drugs or be promiscuous. Instead make your rebellions small but meaningful. Wear a daring top under your office suit. Or consider riding that motorcycle you’ve always wanted. Rebellion doesn’t have to be dangerous to be cool, however. It just needs to push the limit of what others expect of you.
  7. Refuse to back down in the face of intimidation. The best reason people looked up to the cool kids in school was their lack of fear. This doesn’t change when you move into adulthood. People ranging from your boss to store clerks will try to intimidate you. Don’t let them. Instead, stand tall and show your confidence, then stand up for yourself. Nothing is cooler than the person strong enough to go his own way even in the face of conflict and threat.

It takes practice to be cool so don’t try to do it all overnight. Instead, create a plan and try each of these steps on its own. Once you add them all together, you will be heading toward icy cool.


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It's point number two that gets to me. Oh well. ;]

By Kashy Ali