How To Be Eco Friendly When Pregnant

Being pregnant is one of the most challenging instances for a mother. If you are the neighborhood’s “clean and green advocate” and you think you cannot act to the maximum because of your being pregnant, then you are mistaken. You can still be eco-friendly even during this phase. Here are some useful tips and ideas on how you can still be environmentally friendly even in pregnancy.

  1. Go for organic. One way to show you are eco-friendly is by going back to natural and organic. Avoid commercially made products and supplements during the span of your pregnancy unless prescribed by the doctor. Eat organic foods to avoid the harmful effect of the chemicals. Moreover, you must also avoid taking in drugs and other types of chemicals that may adversely affect your unborn baby. Consume a lot of vegetables and avoid fatty food.
  2. Do not smoke. If you are a habitual smoker, this may be the time to consider breaking your vice. First of all, smoking introduces chemicals in your physical system that may lead to genetic abnormalities to your child. Second, it is personally detrimental to your own health. It may lead to emphysema and other types of lung diseases. Lastly, smoking is a factor in the destruction of the ozone layer. Because of these consequences, you really have to break your smoking.
  3. Use bamboo maternity. Cotton, which is the most common material used in making clothes, often takes a considerable amount of water when it grows. Because of these, you can opt to use bamboo maternity wear. There are now many manufacturers of these kinds of maternity wear like Bamboo Baby. Another thing that makes bamboo good as material for maternity wear is that it is much more durable and adjustable that the cotton. Nonetheless, if you opt for cotton, be sure that it is organic. There are now many manufacturers of these kinds of materials available on the market.
  4. If possible, avoid using your family’s or your own personal car. Aside from saving a considerable amount of money in gas or in public utility fare, walking to the nearby place can also help strengthen your metabolism and health. It will also strengthen your pelvic floors, which will facilitate in your upcoming labor and delivery, making it easier.
  5. Avoid toxic substances. Often there are toxic substances and chemicals that abound in many households today. Household paints, especially those with lead, and insecticide, can really affect your health. Dyeing your hair can also affect you because of the chemicals it have. Avoid using these chemicals and as much as possible, and use organic replacements for these.

When pregnant, it is very essential for you to put premium on your health, primarily because the health of your baby depends on you. Moreover, the environment cannot also be neglected during this span. You need to do your environmental responsibilities. By following these steps, you can assure that you will lead a more enjoying pregnancy and at the same time promote global wellness.


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