How To Be Genuine

Don’t be the knock-off version of anyone. The real you is unique and no one can ever imitate you. So, just be you and be genuine. But starting to be true to yourself and other people can be really tricky. Sometimes, it can be scary to be genuine. There are many what ifs and worries. What if other people will not accept the real you or what if you will not fit in the standard?

Being genuine for real may not happen overnight. Take some time and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You can get the hang of it, little by little. Follow the tips below to get started:

  • Know thyself. How can you be genuine if you don’t even know the real you. Unfortunately, many people are strangers to themselves. You still need to be familiar with yourself if you feel like a stranger with that person in the mirror.
  • Be honest, but not mean. Talk about yourself without any tint of a lie. Never say you own a big condo if you are really just renting an apartment. Be honest when it comes to your opinion, too. But if you can’t say anything good about something or someone, better not to speak up. In case your opinion is asked, be honest in a nice manner. Don’t be mean because that will only hurt other people’s feelings. If the real you is mean, then try to be the least mean person in the world. Being true to yourself does not give you the right to hurt other people’s feelings.
  • Be comfortable with yourself. Insecurity is the culprit why many people try to fit in a certain group. Better move on with your insecurity because that won’t give you anything good. Learn to be comfortable with yourself. Learn to accept yourself and people will accept you, too.
  • Accept mistakes. People do make a lot of mistakes. As they say, “to err is human,” so that is normal. The problem is, there are people who can’t accept their mistakes and make excuses for their mistakes. Be genuine and accept your mistakes. Everybody is not perfect, so are you. The important thing is that you want to correct your mistakes and learn from them.
  • Smile. You’ll find that life is still worthwhile if you just smile. Remember this line from the Charlie Chaplin song? Smiling even though your heart is aching is not faking. It’s just a way to make yourself better and not bother other people about your struggles.
  • Don’t try to fit in. Instead, look for groups or people with whom you are comfortable being with. Stay with them more often because they most probably have the same characteristics as yours. They’ll most probably understand you better and you can understand them better, too.

Having bad habits and trying to be genuine does not give you the license to be a trouble to other people. Try not to be a kind person. Instead, be someone who has ground principles. Continue improving yourself, too, and never settle on bitterness.


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