How To Become a Relationship Advice Counselor

Arguing couple with the counselor

There are a lot of different types of services that one counselor can have, and one of them is to give relationship counseling. This could range from family counseling, love relationship, giving marriage advice and divorce advice. Whatever type of counseling, you must keep in mind that you are providing help so that two or more people understand their relationship better, and to help them work things out to have a healthy relationship.

Here are some basic requirements.

  1. Interest. It is a first and foremost requirement to have a genuine interest in helping other people. This profession deals with guiding people to have better communication and understanding with other people with whom they have relationships. It is only with sincere respect for the intricate web of human interaction that you can help these people.
  2. Have a background in psychology. More often than not, those who aim to become counselors would have an undergraduate degree in psychology, specializing in clinical psychiatry or counseling. It is not enough to say that you have read some psychology books, because it would be more appropriate to have proper on-field training and knowledge passed on from other professionals. Here is a link to some online schools where you can earn a degree for counseling:
  3. Study the different types of therapy. There are a lot of counseling therapies that you can know and get acquainted with so you will at least know which type of therapy to use, depending on your client. Even if you are centered with relationship advice counseling, most of the problems will also revolve around personal issues that each person has in a relationship. You may find yourself processing just one person who is part of the problem or situation, or helping a whole family whose problem stems from each individual’s problems. Whatever it will be, it would make things easier to have a very good idea of all the available theories.
  4. Have a lot of patience. Solving problems for other people is no one-snap deal, and it could take weeks or months before an issue is resolved. Remember, all processes on earth take time. Of course you are a key helper in making the change happen, but you must always know when to kick up the pace or slow down. No matter how tempting it will be to openly tell the couple or persons what they have to do, it will not be effective until they learn it themselves, with only a bit of pushing from you.

Becoming a relationship advice counselor is by no means an easy task. It only becomes easy once you have your heart and mind into it, plus the determination to help other people. You have to understand a lot of things in your own life first and become stable on your own before you can offer your hand to help other people. Whether the counseling is about mere dating, or something as huge as marriage, you have to be spiritually prepared. It's also critical to have a great educational background; you can get a strong start by enrolling in an online counseling degree program or by taking introductory classes in psychology online.

It may sound a bit like a cliché, but people can tell if you are ready to help. Come from the space of love which is in your soul, and you can never go wrong.


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