How To Become Friendly with Desktop Support Employees

You may hardly notice they exist.  However, when you have troubles with your desktop computers and other electronic devices in the office, they are the people that you will certainly be looking for.  They are the desktop support employees, the men and women who make sure that all office machines are up and running well.  Without them, any breakdown can always be big enough to affect productivity.  It is just sad that you may not even know their names.  Their job is just as important as yours is and it is wise that you make friends with them.

  1. You may meet them at the hallway or you may see them actually working on your personal computer.  It should not be hard for you to start a friendly conversation.  Of course, you begin by asking for their names.  Tell them how you appreciate the attention they give to the problems you have with your equipment.  Express your gratitude.  They will certainly be glad about your gesture too.  They may even do a better job with your unit for this.
  2. Learn something as you watch them do their repair or maintenance job.  You can always ask a few questions about how to maintain your PC or how to avoid damages on your printer.  Aside from the fact that you really need the information; they will also get the feeling of importance.  They will become more confident in their job, knowing that they are better at it than anybody else is in the office.
  3. Of course, all those questions you ask are not just for show.  Prove to them that you really did learn from them.  You can do this by making sure that malfunctions happen less in your office equipment.  Do the minor tasks of cleaning your PC and refilling the printer with ink or toners. By doing so, you will avoid potential damages that will require the desktop support employees’ attention again.  If you happen to be one of those in the office that seldom calls for their help, you will make their jobs a little easier.
  4. If the malfunction happens to be your fault, then admit it. In detail, inform them what you did, which may have caused the anomalies.  You should be humble enough to admit that you may not be as good as they are in operating or maintaining the office equipment assigned to you. 

There are cases when these employees are handling too many jobs at the same time.  You should be patient enough if you are not at the top of the waiting list.  You can always try to look for a vacant computer if you cannot wait for your turn.  However, you should avoid saying anything to them that would seem like you are hurrying them up.  No matter how cool you may be in saying so, it will still sound like you are being inconsiderate to their plight.  By maintaining cordial relations with them, they will also be considerate to your needs.


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