How To Befriend a Blogger

With the widespread use of the Internet, there are new opportunities to befriend people from all over the world.  No longer do people have to be limited to making friends with coworkers and friend's pals, but instead can reach out to just about anyone that they share interests with.

Blogging is the latest craze to hit the Internet and it’s not uncommon to find just about anyone blogging about their daily lives.  Of course, some bloggers focus their writing around passionate topics or political views they have, yet others enjoy sharing the ups and downs of everyday life.  When you come across a blog that you enjoy, chances are, you will follow that blog and read what the person has to say.

Interestingly, following blogs on a regular basis gives you quite accurate insight into the type of person that the blogger is.  And if you are like many other people, you can actually picture yourself being friends with this person.  So if you think you want to befriend a blogger, don’t be hesitant to do so.

The appeal to befriending a blogger is that you already know you share the same interests and viewpoints.  You like what the blogger has to say and look forward to future writing.  So once you’ve found that special someone, begin writing some comments down in response to the blogs.  You can do this by posting a comment for everyone to see or by sending an email if a link is provided.

Keep in mind that bloggers receive a lot of comments, so you will need to send more than one.  Also be sure that you write something insightful and memorable.  If you’re reading someone’s blogs about the difficulties of raising teens, share your funny story and why you connect with the blogger.  Once the blogger sees that you are a regular reader, he or she will be likely to write back in response to you and start developing a personal relationship.

In order to befriend a blogger, you want to comment on the blogs often, but not to an overwhelming amount.  You certainly do not want to scare the blogger off or make him or her feel uncomfortable.  If you notice that the blogger is not responding to any of your written posts or emails, the friendship was not meant to be.

If the blogger continues to write back however, move away from conversation about the blogs and begin talking about other interests, such as sports, being married or your favorite coffee bars.  The advantage to befriending a blogger is that you can comfortably talk to one another about specific interests and topics that you may not be able to share with others.

If everything goes smooth, you have successfully befriended a blogger!  Remember that most online friendships remain online, either because that’s what people feel most comfortable with or because people may live in different states or countries.  If you do choose to meet your new friend in person, do so carefully and bring another pal with.


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